Friday 16 September 2011

SSS '11: Days 14, 15 & 16

Day 14:

What I wore:

Me-made navy capris, long-sleeved leopard top and pants. My me-made yellow jacket escorted me to and from work.


A fairly conventional work day outfit, except I was a bit under-dressed and felt pretty cold. You never can tell...

Day 15:

What I wore:

Me-made high waisted shorts, Sailor Sencha blouse and pants. The cardi, as you well know by now, is thrifted. My me-made Leopard coat kept me decent to and from work.


I felt pretty stupid dressing up this much during a week when I'm alone at work, but it felt pretty good to work these shorts into a new outfit combo. Particularly when the outfit combo includes so much of my favourite colour scheme! Wearing high-waisted things can feel like you are having a hug round your middle, therefore these shorts are surprisingly warm.

Day 16:

What I wore:

Me-made black Jenny skirt, mustard top, Saint cardigan and pants. My me-made yellow coat also got a breath of fresh air today.


It's annoying when you have a really good hair day (not particularly evident in this photo though) and no-one sees you but the Fed-Ex dude delivering bin bags. I went for a jog after work which has spoilt it now.


Cordelia Earle said...

I am following your blog and am quite new to it, loving it by the way.

One question if I may, when you write the descriptions you always write 'pants', is this to mean actual undergarments or an Americanism type thing with the whole pants/trousers debacle.

I only ask as I have made a pledge with myself that I no longer buy 'new' clothes, but either make or purchase from the charity shop. As of yet I haven't done either as I have enough clothes and am losing weight so I know I will have to alter clothes at some point, but the whole undergarment making is an issue and I thought if you made your own I would be fascinated to know how you go about it.

Thanking you in advance and keep up the good work.


Lisa H. said...

Wow! I like all those outfits. You have great style.

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