Saturday 10 September 2011

SSS '11: Days 7, 8 & 9

I promise posts on topics other than 'what I've been wearing for SSS '11' are in the pipeline. It's been a busy week so keeping on top of my challenge documentation has been all I could manage recently. Thanks for sticking with me!

Day 7: (daytime)

What I wore:

Me-made black sailor trousers, remade jumper, vest and pants. My yellow jacket was worn during my walk to and from work.


Not the most exciting outfit, but perfect for a work day in a chilly studio.

Day 7: (evening)

What I wore:

Leopard Rockabilly dress and leopard coat when I left the flat.


Well, it turns out that Day 7 was also mine and Patty's three year anniversary so after work we got changed and went out for dinner to celebrate! It was really fun to dress up for our special occassion, and I haven't worn this dress for ages but I love it, so it was nice to find a reason to get it out. It's a pretty fun garment but also is quite classy in terms of coverage so I feel really confident and comfortable in it. Who doesn't love that combo?!

Day 8:

What I wore:

Me-made navy skirt, stripey T-shirt and pants. My yellow jacket was worn during my walk to and from work, red cardigan was thrifted.


The other day my boyfriend reminded me that a couple of years ago I was talking about how I'd like to change the way I dressed. I can't remember the conversation particularly, but he says how I wanted to have a stronger visual identity, for the clothes and colours I wear to be more reflective of how I feel inside. When I had to jettison a lot of my wardrobe to move back to UK, I gave away a lot of my more muted-toned garments. I've gone on to rebuild my wardrobe with stronger, clearer toned items which in turn make me feel stronger somehow. The result is my ability to create outfits like Day 8's which I feel is more 'me' as I am these days.

Day 9:

What I wore:

Me-made denim sailor trousers, black T-shirt, Saint cardigan and pants.


It's Friday and delivery day, which means getting a bit grubby, so not a thrilling outfit by any stretch of the imagination. But I'm pleased that my self-stitched wardrobe can cover a multitude of bases, from fancy nights out to practical days at work.

Happy weekend!


Tilly said...

Gorgeous outfits as always Zoe. You look so stunning in that leopard print dress - grrrrr! (That was supposed to be a sexy growl, not an annoyed exclamation.) Bright colours do suit your personality, my dear x

Kiki vonTiki said...

I love your sailor pants! Is it a vintage pattern? Self drafted? Please share more info as I would love to make a few of these myself!
Kiki v.

Shelly said...

As always, great outfits Zoe. That rockabilly dress looks amazing on you!! There's definitely something about vintage that attracts us all, in some way or another. :)

punkychewster said...

yikes! you're too talented! i love reading your blog esp about your self-made outfits! i need to buck up!

Suzanne said...

you are so cute i could die!

Harriet said...

That leopard print / black dress is EPIC. Happy Anniversary!
You look hot as balls, as always

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