Me-Made-May FAQ's

What is Me-Made-May and how it works...

Me-Made-May is a challenge designed to encourage people who make their own clothes to develop a better relationship with their handmade wardrobe. You set the specifics of your own challenge to make it suitable and useful for YOU. However, one very common pledge is for a participant to aim to wear one self-stitched or refashioned garment each day for the duration of May. 

It's just about taking photos and putting them on Instagram each day isn't it?! 

NO. It's a challenge in which you wear your me-mades more often and more thoughtfully to learn some useful lessons about yourself, your style, your body, your creativity and so on. Some participants choose to document their challenge photographically (though this is in NO WAY compulsory for taking part) and share them with other participants on their blog or social media platforms. 

How did Me-Made-May begin?

The whole thing started back in 2010. I was living in Barcelona, Spain, at the time and had been getting more and more into making my own clothing and thinking about the meaning and motivations behind creating a handmade wardrobe. I wanted to test myself and see how far I could rely on the items I had made, plus it gave me a push to try different types of garments that I’d never tackled before, like undies and a coat.

I first attempted the challenge as a solo endeavour in March of that year. It was fun, informative, but mostly COLD! I wanted to try it again during a warmer month, so I decided on May and mentioned it on my blog to see if anyone else was interested in trying something similar. My own personal pledge was to wear only me-made things, aside from bras, tights, socks and shoes, but I left it open for anyone else taking part to set their own specific pledge and have done so ever since. I expected only a handful of people to be interested, but over 80 signed up that year, and it's grown to crazy numbers of participants in the eight years since its creation.

'I don't think I have enough me-made clothes to take part...'

You can sign up to the challenge whether you have one solitary self-made garment, or an entire wardrobe. You just have to think up a challenge that will be useful but do-able for YOU, no matter what you see other participants pledging to do.

How do I sign up for Me-Made-May'22, the 13th MMM challenge?

Visit this blog between 1st April and 1st May 2022 to find the sign up post with full details...
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