Friday 20 February 2009

Who knew I could create ANOTHER post based on these sites again?

There has been months of waiting, planning and preparation. Awaiting the new arrival so that the future can begin. The inevitable next stage that has been waiting in the wings. The last part has been the most uncomfortable, for sure. ‘Get on with it!’ I’ve wanted to scream. Well, not long now, next week it’s due....
MY SEWING STUFF!!!!!!!!!!! I can start the process of realisation of all my plans from the last seven and a half months. Umm, well, the plans that actually involve sewing anyway. Spring, the season of new beginnings, coincidentally is also just around the corner (I’m not going to claim an involvement , spring usually rocks on up around this time). So I’ve been checking out what my inspirators have prepared for the coming season. Check this cheekily wearable dress by Built By Wendy:

I know what your thinking: 'Nice, though something feels familiar'. Correct, well done. The top part is JUST LIKE the Anda dress pattern available on Burdastyle. You may or not, depending on whether or not you have seen me in the flesh over the last two summers, remember my African fabric interpretation:

The Built By Wendy discovery has encouraged me to revisit this pattern. I'd say the main fault with my last Anda attempt was that my gathering was neither particularly empire line (under the bust), like this fantastic interpretation:

or particularly waist line, like this beauty:

This purple version also shows how well this pattern translates into stretch fabric. Hmm..... 'Why the hell are you worried about elastic/gathering placement, Zo?', I hear you saying now, 'Haven't you seen the Burdastyle member Spasmodic's creation?'. My, you're mouthy today! But you've got a point:

Well, aside from the tasty assymetric front pleats and a self-belt, what else does Built By Wendy have to bring to the table in terms of Anda-esque design variations? POCKETS! That's what.

Tuesday 3 February 2009

Fashion Tradeshows: A Brief History

A couple of weeks ago I was in the privileged position to be the holder of a press pass at the Bread & Butter fashion tradeshow here in bcn. See that beautiful view in the picture above? That is the view from the press lounge. I managed to find a brief second between scoffing free sandwiches and cava to take the shot. Tough times!

Now, this wasn’t the first fashion tradeshow I have attended. Previously I have attended some in Paris and London, but not for a number of years, and certainly not with the amount of access that the press pass, company cards and my nearly-thirty-years-old increased confidence gave me. In fact, the last clothing tradeshow I attended was actually through being part of the catering, from which I was able to ditch my BBQ company uniform, and stalk the stalls with my mate pretending to be buyers! What I was attempting, aside from eating as many free sweets from the stands as possible and generally having a nose around, was to get lots of contact info from which to apply for jobs. This, in hindsight, was actually pretty stupid, as I wanted to work in production, and the people there were from sales departments. But anyway.

This time I wasn’t after a job. I have a job now. I was at Bread & Butter to report on up and coming brands and to take photos of the freshest products. I got my work done, then got to have a good look around, even, between you and me, using my company cards to secure a few extra interviews for my own ends (eg, see the previous post). The tradeshows I went to in the past were before I actually properly worked in the clothing industry, and had knowledge of what it was like from the inside. I remember walking around, having ditched the catering uniform, aching to be part of these brands. It is so nice to be able to say that I no longer want to be part of any of them. The role I desire is on the outside, using the industry for inspiration and ammunition in equal measure.
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