Thursday 15 December 2016

Dolores Maternity Dress Pattern: On Sale Now!!!!

Woo hoo!!! Here's my latest PDF sewing pattern: the Dolores maternity dress pattern! As I mentioned in this post, I decided to create a re-working of my popular Dolores batwing pattern specifically for the third trimester of pregnancy. Like the non-maternity Dolores, this pattern is a casual batwing style with two sleeve options, and is easy and quick to make. Unlike the non-maternity Dolores, this pattern can help you get dressed during the part of pregnancy when pretty much every else in your wardrobe no longer fits! I had three versions of this dress during the third trimester of my recent pregnancy and wore them on rotation.

This sewing pattern comes in a digital format. When you buy the Dolores maternity dress pattern, you will receive both print-at-home and copy shop versions of the pattern, as well as detailed instructions on all aspects of how to use this pattern and make the garment. It includes tips for sewing with knit fabrics if that is new to you, PLUS a condensed-single-page version of the instructions for confident sewists, or once you have already made one Dolores maternity dress. 

Visit this page for more information on the Dolores maternity dress pattern, including how to purchase it! Enormous thanks to Claire for her help creating this pattern, for Cordelia for fit and photo modelling, and my fantastic and generous pattern testers.

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