Thursday 22 May 2008

'All is well that ends'

This is the first post I have created, possibly ever will create, where I knew the title before I started to write it. This evening I was sorting through and packing all my sewing stuff whilst half cut. (Perhaps I am one step from alcoholism, but I couldn't handle packing up my life once again without a drink to make things a bit fuzzy!)

Well, anyway. I discovered a long forgotten piece of paper that had written on it 'all is well that ends' in my hand writing. I have the vaguest memory of it, but tonight it felt a bit like an old version of me was talking to the today-me, reminding myself that this shitty time is transient, just a stage that will soon pass onto other more enjoyable times.

I don't plan to make a habit of sentimental posts, so please forgive and indulge me this one.
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