Friday 31 May 2013

Refashion Friday: Reworked Maternity Tights

About six weeks ago I completed my grey Tova dress creation, one of my first forays into maternity sewing. But if I was ever actually going to be able to wear this dress, I was also going to have to address the issue of tights. A bunch of time ago I bought some lovely mustardy-yellow opaque tights from American Apparel, but even though I bought the M/L, they always dug into my belly in an uncomfortable fashion. Rather lamely I didn't do anything about it, I just kind of accepted it and avoided wearing them even though they were the most expensive tights I've ever bought. It's stupid isn't it? If I were making something for myself to wear, I'd damn well made sure it fit, but because I bought these in a shop, why is it ok that they don't fit? How comes, if a garment made ourselves doesn't fit, that's a problem with the garment, however if a shop-bought garment doesn't fit, it's our bodies' fault rather than the garment's?! Or at least I think that's how it is often perceived.

I've always had problems with tights. I get bloated easily and so often find tights are just too tight around my middle, and especially after lunch thicker tights often feel unbearably uncomfortable. I do have a little belly even when I'm not pregnant, and that's just never going to go away, but I'm not a big lady and buying a larger size (if a larger size is available) would just result in baggy ankles! So I tended to either suffer the discomfort or only wear a skirts/dresses and tights combo when I knew I'd be able to take them off after a few hours!

But with my expanded pregnancy belly, it really was time to deal with the uncomfortable tights issue. So I put these mustard tights on and popped a couple of pins in to ascertain a good new elastic line that sits under my belly. I then took them off and wrapped some elastic round that same line to figure out how long it should be. I cut the original top of the tights off a couple of centimetres above the new marked out line, and simple wrapped the raw edge over twice encasing the elastic inside and pinning evenly in place. I sandwiched it all together by using a three step zigzag stitch. Simples.

And for the best part of two months they were the most comfortable tights I've EVER owned. My belly had now grown too big for these to work anymore, but for those two months, these were heaven. Why the hell didn't I just make this simple alteration to all my opaque and thick tights previously? I'm going to do this to all my other tights after my pregnancy and forever more. Some pregnant women seem to prefer the waistband of tights, skirts and trousers to come up and over their belly, whilst others seem to dislike that feeling and prefer things that sit underneath the belly. I'm still pretty much open to all maternity garment styles, but I feel I am gravitating towards the latter category so I don't think I'd enjoy wearing the usual maternity tights that come right up over the belly or stop across the belly midway. It's amazing that, what with all the crazy stuff that's going on in my innards that my belly remembers its predilection to bloating, but it certainly still like to throw that into the mix regularly! Oh, the lessons I'm learning...

Wednesday 29 May 2013

The Cowboy Comedy Shirt

It may surprise you to learn that there's actually been a fair amount of selfless sewing (i.e. not for me) going on up in here recently. I'll get round to blogging them all eventually, but I'd like to start with showing you this shirt I made for Patty (AKA Mr So Zo) which I finished last week. 

You may or may not know that I endeavour to make Pat one garment each year we're together. First there was the Brokeback Balcony shirt, then came the Book Launch shirt (both of which were made whilst we were living in Barcelona). Third up was a Rockabilly Bowling shirt I made him for Christmas 2011, and last year I made his waistcoat that he wore for our wedding. Seeing as we'll be mighty busy with a new little person in four short months time, I thought I'd get on his fifth item before everything else gets put on the back-burner. 


I picked up this vintage Western shirt pattern (Simplicity 6693) some time ago from eBay (pictured below) with an eye to expanding the Western shirt section of his wardrobe (don't all dudes have a Western shirt section?!). Published in 1974, this pattern is actually a 'teen-boy' pattern, which is handy because Pat is a slender chap. I Frankensteined this Simplicity pattern with the my adapted version of the Burdastyle Jakob shirt pattern that I've been slowly tweaking and perfecting the fit of each time I make Pat a shirt.  

Fabric Choice:

I knew from the offset that contrast yoke sections, pocket flaps and cuff facings had to be made in this awesome Dia de los Muertos dancing skeleton print quilting cotton that I'd bought half a metre of yonks ago. The obvious complimentary colour for the main body of the shirt would have been black, but Pat has quite a few black Western style shirts now, so I thought I'd find something a bit less obvious. In the end the rest of the shirt was made from a fine teal cotton (it's actually more teal and less blue in real life but my camera has a problem accurately depicting jade/teal/emerald/turquoise shades) that I picked up at a fabric swap in Walthamstow towards the beginning of the year. The colour really suits his gingery/browny/peachy colouring. I was a bit concerned about how such a fine cotton would work alongside the thicker quilting fabric, but with the application of fusible interfacing on all relevant parts made the teal fabric suitably stable where it needed to be. 


I had quite a bit of hassle with the topstitching on this shirt because my new-to-me sewing machine hasn't quite got the same secure foot pressure that my last machine had, resulting in a fair bit of slipping about and therefore unpicking! At least I wasn't going for a contrast topstitching effect like with the BrokeBack Balcony shirt, I'm not sure my machine will be up for any of that lark. 

No Western style shirt would be complete without pearly snap fastenings. I bought the four-piece snap things from eBay and messed about with the pliers-like contraption required to fit them that I was surprised to learn I already owned from my uni days. 

The occasion:

My aim was to get this garment finished before Pat's third and final performance at the Brighton Fringe festival last Friday. At this point I should probably explain that Pat has recently taken to being a stand-up comedian having completed a stand-up comedy course I bought him a couple of months ago. The 'look' he is cultivating for his stage persona involves a Western shirt and puffing out his hair into an enviable 'fro! Apologies for the crappy i-phone pictures, but above is him wearing his shirt on stage, and below is in the bar after his performance. If you are interested, you can see his first ever performance on YouTube here

Tuesday 28 May 2013

MMM'13: Days 22, 23, 24, 25, 26 & 27

The penultimate round up of documentation photos from my own personal MMM'13 challenge...

Day 22:
Also worn: second-hand cardi

Day 23:
Also worn: second-hand hoodie

Day 24:
Captain jacket (not in this pic)
Also worn: second-hand cardi and second-hand jeggings

Oh no! I failed to get a photo on Day 24 itself so had to recreate my outfit on my dummy. This is the first time all month I've resorted to second-hand rather than me-made bottoms and I'm super proud and also surprised that I got this far before doing so. 

Day 25:
Also worn: second-hand cardi

Day 26:
Captain jacket (in bag)
Also worn: second-hand cardi

I've said it before (Day 13 to be precise), but this time I really mean it. This is the LAST TIME I'm wearing this dress until my boobs deflate. It's just too damn tight round the bodice. I love it so much though, I know it'll see use one day....

Day 27:
Captain jacket (not in this pic)
Also worn: second-hand cardi

There are a few garments that I could wear at the beginning of the month that can't wear anymore, my mustard trousers being one. This challenge has been great for preventing myself from just picking one outfit that still fits and just wearing that each day! Knowing I need to document my outfit makes me rotate and experiment with the remaining pieces way more than otherwise I would. 

Saturday 25 May 2013

The Tova Top Disappointment

So here's the thing. I made this top perhaps only three weeks after using the same pattern to make my grey Tova dress. What I didn't bank on was the rapid and unpredictable growth spurt my boobs were about to embark on. Damn. And whilst the grey dress inexplicably manages to just about fit several weeks after that (and still just about fits ok), this cotton top was too tight from the very first try-on. 

I'm pretty gutted because I really took time and care over making this top. I used some lovely cotton ikat fabric that had been lurking in my stash for the best part of a year, pre-washing it to avoid heart-breaking shrinkages. I figured out the (not automatic) button hole function of my new-to-me sewing machine and made a functioning button stand on this version when I felt after the last one that it would have been a beneficial addition. There was a small sleeve-based trauma when it turned out I didn't have sufficient fabric to accommodate my initial plans, resulting in a disappointing mid-way version and then lots of unpicking and re-working of the sleeves into what you see now. In short, I poured a whole heap of love into this make.  

Anyways, enough moaning. It's not warm enough to wear such a light weight garment here in the UK anyway (at least not for a chilly-boned person like me). I misjudged my changing pregnant body and learnt a lesson: jersey or some element of stretch from now on! Plus who is not to say that one day my boobs will return to something approaching their original dimensions and I'll be able to get some use from it. If not, expect another giveaway round these parts!

Wednesday 22 May 2013

MMM'13: Days 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20 & 21

Over half way through this year's Me-Made challenge! Umm, how did that happen? I'm going to document a whole week's worth of me-made outfits now as I seem to have fallen behind somewhat. Please remember peops, that if you are a twitter user, the challenge's hashtag is #MMMay13 

Day 15:
Winter Wonderland coat (not in this pic)
Also worn: second-hand cardi

Sorry, you're going to have to trust me that this was the outfit I was wearing today, seeing as most of it is below the table! 

Day 16:
Also worn: second-hand hoodie

I promise that piece of amusing street art wasn't me! So now that Thursdays start with a pregnancy yoga session, I seem to spend the rest of the day looking uncharacteristically sporty!

Day 17:
Captain jacket (not in this pic)
Also worn: second-hand cardi

As I've mentioned before, Fridays during the MMM challenges are THEMEFRIDAY at the MMM'13 Flickr group. It's entirely optional, but those who wish to, can attempt to apply the theme of the day (as voted for my the group members) to their documentation photo that day. Seeing how different people respond in different ways to the theme is usually lots of fun. The theme this Friday was 'hat'. Now I must admit that I've never made a hat before, so I grabbed this little hat that my mum recently knitted for our baby as a prop. I think I got away with it coz the hat is so cute!

Day 18:
Captain jacket (not in this pic)
Also worn: second-hand cardi

Haha! I can't actually play the ukelele, though Pat did once teach me to play 'Still D.R.E' by Dr Dre. I'm getting in to props in my documentation pics!

Day 19:
Refashioned tights
Also worn: second-hand cardi

This is the last outing for these tights. They spent the whole damn day threatening to fall down round my ankles! I guess my belly has just got too big now. In fact I think this pic makes me look so round! 

Day 20:
Captain jacket (not in this pic)
Also worn: second-hand cardi

Haha! I've clearly taken to heart the section in my Pregnancy and birth book about how I should be sitting down and relaxing more!

Day 21:

Oh the shame! This pic was taken in the same cafe as yesterday's documentation photo. I do do lots of work during the week days, I promise! Anyways, what is awesome about today is that I made EVERYTHING I'm wearing (bra, socks and shoes exempt) !!!! No relying on second-hand cardis for me today. 

Monday 20 May 2013

Giveaway with The Polished Button, Plus Discount Code!


I loves me a giveaway round these parts! Here is another celebratory giveaway courtesy of a fabulous new sewing website called The Polished Button. You may be questioning the need for another website selling sewing products, but this one is special. They aim to offer a ‘one stop shop’ where you can find authentic and vintage inspired fabrics, haberdashery and patterns all in one place. So if you are into sewing vintage/retro looks, or simply fancy finding something a bit different from the usual sewing department offerings, The Polished Button is a great place to visit on a regular basis. Personally, I've found the site to be well-designed, easy to navigate and the stock well curated. And the owner is super-sweet and very helpful, plus she's crazy-knowledgable about all things vintage. 

The Prize:

The Polished Button are very generously offering a fabulous prize for one lucky winner consisting of 1 metre of this lovely and unusual black and white star detail gingham fabric (pictured above) plus a set of four matching black vintage buttons (pictured below). 

How to Enter:

This giveaway is open to everyone, at no cost to yourselves. All you have to do is help The Polished Button out with a bit of customer research: simply visit The Polished Button website and find your favourite product. Leave the product link in the comments section of this post, along with way for me to contact you if you are successful (i.e. if I can't find your email address within two clicks of my mouse, leave your email address in the body of the comment). Email addresses will not be used for anything other than contacting you if you win this giveaway.  

Make sure you have commented by midnight GMT on Sunday 26th May to enter. The following day (Monday 27th May) I will use a random number generator to select one winner for the 1 metre of fabric and buttons and contact them to get their postal addresses to forward on to The Polished Button so they can send out the prize.

Discount Code:

But you don't have to the winner of this giveaway to be quids in today! The Polished Button have also most kindly offered the readers of this blog a 10% discount off all items on their site. Simply use the code SoZo10 when checking out on the site until the end of July 2013.

Happy vintage/retro sewing!

Friday 17 May 2013

Refashion Friday Inspiration: Jersey Peter Pan Sweatshirt Remake

Today's Refashion Friday inspiration is one for the Southern Hemisphere massive as they enter Autumn/Winter. A cosy little sweatshirt remake with a cute contrast collar and matching cuffs. I started out by hacking up an unwanted mens white sweatshirt and recutting the front and back pieces to a smaller size still incorporating the bottom waist ribbing. 

Having also recut the neckline to a wider, more flattering scoop shape, I drafted a Peter Pan collar which I cut from a contrast printed jersey. Because the neckline is wide enough to get this top easily over the head without stretching it, I didn't need to use the jersey's stretchy properties on the collar so I fused interfacing onto the pieces so they'd retain a more structured shape.  

I chose to make the sleeves 3/4 length, and finished them with a cuff band made from the same contrast printed jersey. This was where the stretchy quality of the jersey was useful because the cuffs need to stretch to be a snug fit round the arms. So whether you are currently heading towards the colder part of the year, or simply fancy a new trans-season garment where-ever you live, why not hunt out an old sweatshirt in your local charity shop/thift store/op-shop (or even the closest male's wardrobe!) and get chopping and remaking?!

Thursday 16 May 2013

More Mid-Maternity Stripes!

So, if you've listened to my wee podcast that I posted the other day, you'll now that I am 20 weeks preggers now, AKA half way. I can feel the baby making it's presence felt, it's kicking A LOT now. Oh, and you might have noticed from my MMM'13 documentation pics that I'm getting BIG. My beloved Mariner T-shirt is starting to get on the tight side, and I don't think it'll be long before wearing it would be asking too much of the properties of jersey! Then what will I wear to pregnancy yoga?! Time to get stitching....

And the result was this awesome stripey number! Using up another piece of stripey jersey from my stash, I used basically the same pattern as the one I developed for the Mariner T-shirt, but increased the width around the whole torso, but particularly round the belly area. This navy and white striped jersey has so much elastane content that, combined with the added girth, I wouldn't be surprised if this top sees me through the third trimester as well. 

I cut the strip for the neck binding so I would have a solid navy part running framing the neck hole. I love this jersey and this style of top and I'm pretty sure that whatever size/shape I end up as after I have the baby, that I'll be able to rework it at the side seams so it will have a life beyond the next four and a half months. 

Wednesday 15 May 2013

MMM'13: Days 11, 12, 13 & 14

More MMM'13-erie...

Day 11:
Captain jacket (not in this pic!)
Also worn: second-hand cardi

Ah! An ace outfit. Comfy AND nautical, I was very happy in this all day. In fact, I had to self-appoint myself a uniform, this would be it!

Day 12:
Captain jacket (not in this pic!)
Also worn: second-hand cardi

Oh no! I forgot to get a documentation photo taken before it got to dark to do so. I recreated the outfit the following day with my trusty mannequin. There's some great examples of MMM'13 documentation pics on the flickr group where the wearer is not in the photo (like this one). This will not be one of them!

Day 13:
Also worn: second-hand cardi

I had to really force myself to not wear my blue treggings today! They are just sooooo comfy. But I wanted to A) put a bit of variety into my month of me-mades, and B) get some use from this Washi dress before it gets even more tight around the bust area! 

Day 14:
Also worn: second-hand cardi

Jeez, I look a hot mess in this pic! Ok, I promise the blue treggings will go in the wash now and hopefully regain their formerly-unbaggy appearance! 

Monday 13 May 2013

My First Podcast / Audio Post!

Hi there peops! A few days ago Pat (Mr So Zo) and I recorded a little conversation which, through the application of science and magic, has be turned into a podcast! I am sharing it here as my first ever audio post. So, if you've got 10 minutes on your hands and fancy listening to me chat about Me-Made-May'13, pregnancy dressing and the like, just press play below.

Oh, and apologies for the pauses and excessive use of the word 'exciting', as you can tell this was entirely unscripted!

Sunday 12 May 2013

Mid-Maternity Black Treggings

If you've been following my MMM'13 challenge documentation at all, you've probably seen an excessive amount of these treggings already. Since completing them last week I've been wearing them more or less continually. Well, every other day at least. 

In case there's anyone who's reading this wondering what they hell 'treggings' are, let me explain. In the same way that 'jeggings' are a hybrid of leggings and jeans, 'treggings' are the spawn of leggings and trousers. I feel these are treggings as opposed to straight-up leggings because I made them using a thick double-knit fabric which I feel separates them from their jersey-based cousins, the leggings. I also think these are more flattering than leggings. And I made them so I can call them whatever I like!

(The original hand-me-down jeggings: love at first wear)

But how did they come to pass? Well, at some point last year my best mate Vic donated me a bag of clothes she no longer used and/or were too big for her. A pair of black jeggings (those were definitely jeggings, way more jeans-esque IMO) were in that bag and from the second I tried them on, it was love. Unlike my self-stitched attempt from a few years back, Vic's hand-me-downs (pictured above) had an elasticated waist rather than a zip fastening. The fit round the waist was tight enough however, that there was no ugly gathering occurring with that elastication, just pure comfort! I didn't know it was possible to be that comfortable in what could legitimately be worn outside, in public. 

So those hand-me-down jeggings got worn, worn, then worn some more. Until I became preggers and even then they continued to be worn until finally my growing belly forced them into the 'Drawer of stuff I don't fit anymore but hope to again, one day'. That was when I knew it was time to flex my mad-skillz and attempt a more maternity-friendly version. So I took the originals and traced around then, making a 3-piece pattern (front, back and waistband) to start fiddling with. 

To make them more bump-accommodating, I dropped the waistline by about 3cms all the way around, then made them up in some nasty-arsed super-synthetic navy double knit. The silhouette was actually bang-on first time, but I found as I kept wearing them that I had to keep yanking them up at the back waist. I'm still not sure if that was the result of A) the waistline being too low, B) the elastic not being tight enough, C) the fabric being so unpleasant and unforgiving, or most likely D) a combo of all three factors. 

(gratuitous bump shot, look away those of a delicate disposition!)

I tried tightening up the elastic, but downwards-bound they continued to be. I decided to set them aside and dwell on the whole project for a while before taking my next step. However, I then signed up to a pregnancy yoga class and realised I didn't have anything appropriate to wear to it. So perfecting the leggings/jeggings/treggings pattern was forced back on the agenda. I went back to the pattern and raised the waistline a couple of cms at the Centre Back, blending out towards the side seams. I then made them again in some much nicer black double knit with tighter elastic round the waist and the whole outcome was way more successful. So much so I can't stop wearing them! (Yes,  I am wearing them as I type this.) 

Earlier this evening I cut out another pair in some blue ribbed jersey/double knit that was hanging out in my stash so I have something else to wear whilst these black ones get washed. The blue ribbed jersey is care of Claire of 'Sew, incidentally' who is an incredibly generous lady. I've still got a fair bit of it left, enough for a couple of baby/toddler projects me thinks. For my blue pair, I have actually lowered the Centre Front a couple of cms in the hope that they will be even more accommodating in the longer term than the black pair by sitting more comfortably underneath my bump. I guess the frequency of their wear during the remainder of MMM'13 will show if that pans out or not. 

Saturday 11 May 2013

MMM'13: Days 8, 9 & 10

Clocking in to keep on track with my MMM'13 challenge documentation....

Day 8:
Also worn: second-hand cardi and Captain jacket

We had a day off and went to London for the day. We wandered all about, visited the Idler Academy and spent some time by a canal. And ate the most amazing pulled pork sandwich EVER. I'm still thinking about it, I may never stop.

Day 9:
Also worn: second-hand hoodie

So Thursdays are now officially Pregnancy Yoga day for me. I didn't want to go in exactly the same outfit as I did last week, so I was spurred on to whip up a jersey top that I'd been planning for a while anyway. Oh, and do you like my glamourous backdrop?! Got to love a 1960's built municipal building! It's the first thing you see when you leave our flat in fact. 

Day 10:
Grey Tova dress (which I'm not longer calling 'Mild-Maternity, as I feel way passed that stage)
Also worn: second-hand cardi 

It's Friday, which means THEMEFRIDAY over at the MMM'13 Flickr group. Today's theme was to have our documentation picture taken in our sewing/knitting/creating space. Ironically, the night before a photo inside my flat was required, literally half the electrics blew out in the flat so I've nicked a standing lamp from elsewhere to illuminate my dark little room so I get on with my projects. 

Friday 10 May 2013

Refashion Friday: Interview with Jillian AKA ReFashionista

(all images sourced from ReFashionista, except where stated)

With fabulous style, an accessible approach to her projects and a killer sense of humour, Jillian from ReFashionista is by far one of my, and many other's, favourite refashioning bloggers. I was so delighted when she agreed to be interviewed for Refashion Friday for the twin purposes of getting inside her head a bit (in a non-creepy way, I promise!) and to introduce her and her blog to anyone who might not have chanced upon it yet. If you have even an inkling of interest in sewing of any description, it's bound to become one of your favourites as well! 

1) Refashioning, upcycling, remaking, reworking.... How would you describe what you do and/or what term do you use? 

I think I might have refashioned myself into a corner when I named my blog "ReFashionista". ;) I'd describe what I do as fashion hacking... finding a way to work around having to buy new clothes while still looking fashionable. Free time is extremely valuable, so I try to make the process as quick and efficient as possible for all of us ladies on the go! (Jillian has even created lots of awesome 'no-sew' refashions, like the dress pictured at the top of this post!)

(an action shot of a refashion mid-process!)

2) You are a damned prolific thifter/refashioner plus you haven't been regular clothes shopping for years, what proportion of your wardrobe is now comprised of refashions?

Haha. That's probably why I'm so tired all the time. ;) I would say at least 90% of my wardrobe is refashioned. I try to hold on to my old clothes for as long as I possibly can, then I eventually refashion them too!

3) What appeals to you about refashioning and can you remember how you begun? 

I started refashioning because I was tired of being too poor to be able to afford nice clothes, and because I was bothered by the unethical practices of most fashion manufacturers. When I started refashioning, I really felt like I was getting one over on "The Man" (whoever that is). It felt empowering and wildly subversive. I didn't have to limit myself to just consuming... I could create instead!

(Jillian rocking an ill-fitting 'before' frock, about to work her magic)

4) Where's your favourite hunting ground/s to source your 'raw materials' and what do you look for when selecting a garment to refashion? 

I like to go to the sketchier shops that less brave refashioners dare not enter. I also love the Dollar-a-Pound Goodwill Clearance Center (Don't worry! I wear gloves!!!). :) I try to find the ugliest and most outdated pieces I can find -- items that I truly think would be heading straight for the landfill if no one saved them.

5) You clearly have a lot of fun with (and in!) your refashion projects, how do you approached a thrifted garment that's destined for some reworking? 

There really isn't any method behind my madness. I look at refashioning time as a sort of dress up/playtime! I don't always know what I'm about to do when I begin, but any step forward is probably in the right direction.

(Jillian celebrating another successful refashion!)

6) Who or what inspires your personal style? Where do you go (physically or virtually) to find inspiration? 

I do a lot of boutique window shopping to get ideas. I like to see clothes in person so I can really look at them and see how they're contracted. I get a lot of inspiration from websites like ModCloth, Urban Outfitters, Free People, and Anthropologie too. But at some point, you really have to step away from getting too caught up in whatever is "trendy" and have the balls to cultivate your own personal style, no matter how silly anyone else thinks it is.

7) What would you say are your three favourite refashions you've completed? 

I'm pretty stoked with one of my most recent ones, the Gala dress (pictured above). Then there's this clown suit I wore on the Rachael Ray Show. I also love this black dress refashion (pictured below), mostly because it's an easy one that could work with lots of long-sleeved dresses.

8) Can you share with us a couple of your favourite refashions by other people? 

Dude. Have you seen Sally over at Charity Shop Chic? (Of course you have, you interviewed her!) Her refashions kick my ass right down the street. She even does math. MATH!!!! I pretty much love everything she's done, but I remember her Stella McCartney tribute dress refashion (pictured below) realllllly impressing me early on. Then there's this one that you just might be familiar with. I love that you did this (used unwanted T-shirts to make undies), because this is SUCH a practical and fun rehash (and I hate shopping for underwear!!!).

(image source: Charity Shop Chic)

9) You are clearly a girl after my own heart in that you appreciate a tasty beverage or two. Seeing as I'm off the booze for a while, I'd like to live vicariously through you for a while. What self-created outfit (either existing or in your head) would you wear if you and I went for a couple of cocktails?

WHAT!?! You're pregnant! Lay off the sauce, Lady!!!! (teasing!) Definitely this Modcloth copycat number right here (pictured below). You have a fun vintage style, and I imagine you'd be wearing some cute collared blouse/skirt combo. We could then hang out and sip martinis and chat all about our adventures in stitchery! :)

10) Describe your dream thift shopping day. Where are you? What do you find? 

In my fantasy dream thrift shopping day, I first find a unicorn that I ride around the store. A waiter hands me a blueberry mojito, which I sip luxuriously. Whilst atop my unicorn, I find a perfect combination of gorgeous vintage dresses that require no refashioning and lots of ugly duckling dresses with gorgeous details just waiting to be brought out!

Enormous thanks to Jillian for taking the time to respond to my probing questions! And for writing such an amusing blog, of course. 
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