Sunday, 5 May 2013

MMM'13: Days 1, 2 3 & 4

Time to start documenting this here challenge....

Day 1:
Also worn: second-hand cardi

As sunny as it may be, it's windy as all hell here at the moment and damn chilly with it, hence all the layers. I'm truly amazed that I can still wear these mustard trousers when I had to decommission most of my other non-maternity trousers ages ago. I think it must be a combination of a high elastane content in the fabric and the style being quite low-rise. I'm not sure how many weeks left I have of wear from the, so expect to see them quite often!

Day 2:
Also worn at various points of the day:
Second-hand cardi and hoodie

The reason the treggings/leggings were hastily made was because I signed myself up to a pregnancy yoga class then realised with a small amount of panic that I hadn't been to a yoga class since the 1990's and didn't have a clue what people wear to them these days! I then realised that I didn't have anything suitable so made these over two days. I'll blog about them properly soon. Paired with the Mariner T-shirt and a second-hand hoodie, it was a successful yoga outfit, hurrah! I was planning on getting changed before I went to a poker night later on, but the outfit was so comfy that I simply swapped the hoodie for a cardi and jacket and left the rest on. No I didn't win the poker, but I came really close!

Day 3:
Refashioned tights
Also worn: second-hand cardi

Another insanely windy day, but so nice to use the MMM'13 Flickr group's Friday photo theme of 'Water' as an excuse to head down to the beach to get my documentation photo taken next to the English Channel. The tights are refashioned in the sense that they are normal tights that I cut down and reattached some elastic to so they are kind of 'home-made' maternity tights. I'll blog about them soon. I'm also rocking a me-made bag which will be blogged about on Monday, and some new (to me) charity shop shoes that I'm mildly in love with at the moment. 

Day 4:
Also worn: second-hand cardi

Oh I can really see me wearing little else below the waist this month, these treggings/leggings are so comfy. (I'll decide what I'm actually calling them soon too.) My batwing tops are some of the few pre-maternity tops I can still wear as they are just long enough to not rise up annoyingly with the larger belly (along with the Mariner T-shirt). 


TextileQueen said...

Lovely outfits ;)

Minnado said...

Love the stripeyness and colour combos. It is also good to see glimpses of Brighton. I lived there in the mid 90s so I am now feeling nostalgic.
You look mighty blooming too. xx

Stephanie said...

Love your outfits!

Tabet said...

sweet looks. I love the yellow eyecatchers! Great for spring and summer!

Alyssa said...

A very cute and co-ordinated start! Someday I hope to have me-mades that match up as well as yours.

Anonymous said...

Great outfits, Zo! You have such great style :)

One maternity trick I learned to help my non-maternity trousers last longer, it so loop an elastic band around the trouser button, push it through the button hole, and then loop around the trouser button again. Gives the belly that extra bit of room :)

Nancy said...

Great outfits. I love the Captain's jacket especially and have just added it to my wish list.

Martha said...

Great styling. Lovely photos.

Rochelle New said...

I love all the navy and mustard yellow going on here! Those are awesome colors. I hate when it's sunny but surprisingly cold out. No fun! Windswept is a good look for you though ;)

Unknown said...

Great Outfits! I have pledged and am blogging about it as well! Thanks for getting me motivated!

Anonymous said...

Cute outfits! You can really tell which colors are your favorites. :)

Lovenicky said...

Lovely outfits! You do look great in mustard and yellow clothing. The grey tova dress is really awesome!

Meg the Grand said...

I love all the ways you incorporate mustard and stripes into your outfits - you look magnificent :)

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