Tuesday 6 September 2011

SSS '11: Days 4, 5 & 6

Day 4:

Don't be getting no ideas about my desert now, ok?!

I promise you it's the insane wind that's making my hair look all crazified.

What I wore:

Me-made yellow jacket, black sailor trousers, black T-shirt and pants. Cardigan was thifted.


Per-ritty dull outfit, IMO, but it was a Sunday spent going for a long walk on a windy day, so who cares particularly? And that desert was out of this world, BTW.

Day 5:

What I wore:

Me-made denim sailor trousers, bustier-line T-shirt, Saint cardigan and pants. Me-made yellow jacket was worn to and from work.


Rainy Monday morning, bad nights sleep and a massive headache all day. Basically you are really lucky I'm not still in my jam jams.

Day 6:

What I wore:

Me-made denim skirt, long-sleeved leopard top, vest and pants. Me-made leopard coat was worn to and from work (in the rain both ways, may I add).


Ok, so the weather today was worse than yesterday, but I felt a skirt day was due. I really could alternate between my denim sailor trousers and my black sailor trousers for the entire month if left to my own devices, but I know that wearing this skirt today made me feel nicer than if I hadn't done. That's one of the reasons why these challenges are good for me.


niddetissus said...

I know how you feel about your pants - I end up wearing the same couple pair over and over again if not forced to delve into my skirts. I always love them after I put them on, so I don't know why they stay buried so often. I love your sailor trousers though!

Vintage Girl said...

I love the yellow jacket and the dessert looks really good. I understand the pants thing too, at least for fall/winter. I live in them, it may be time for sewing a pair of pants. I don't have any self stitched clothing for fall or winter, except one plaid dress. Next year I am planning on joining you for MMSept! You look great!

Carolyn said...

I adore your yellow jacket and have secret plans to copy it slavishly for myself. And I promise not to get any ideas about your desert but I make no promises regarding your dessert! :)
Love your little navy blue skirt too, it looks like a very useful little thing.
Thank you so much again for organising Self-Stitched September, and all the previous challenges! It's the coolest thing in sewing blogland!

Shelly said...

Dunno 'bout you but I'm goin'with the desert. Oh, just joking! hehehe! Love the yellow jacket.

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