Thursday 22 September 2011

SSS '11: Days 20, 21 & 22

Day 20:

What I wore:

Me-make African wax fabric Anda dress, vest and pants. The cardi is secondhand and my me-made leopard coat was also worn.


I have had this dress for oh so very long, I can't look at it objectively. I'm not sure it's particularly flattering but we are kind of like family now, me and this dress. We've been through so much!

Day 21:

What I wore:

Me-made black sailor trousers, leopard collar batwing top, vest and pants. Second-hand mustard cardi again (can you tell my red one is in the wash?!) and me-made swallow jacket for my journey to work and later in the evening.


I'm falling pretty hard for this batwing top. I am being forced to rethink my usually avoidance of drapey jersey, it feels so nice to wear! I'm plotting another top from this pattern now. Oh, and in case you were wondering why I'm stuffing a sandwich into my face in this photo, it's for the Flickr group's Wednesday mini-photo challenge. This week was eating/drinking. I love how vacant my expression is!

Day 22:

What I wore:

Me-made vintage fabric skirt, black stretch top, Saint cardigan, vest and pants. Me-made swallow cardi got squeezed on on top of all those layers too.


That's some serious layering there, which kept me from feeling chilly though made me feel pretty padded up!


Unknown said...

A definate mustard/yellow theme for your outfits this week! So on trend ;)

Bella said...

Love the African wax print dress! Gorgeous; great use of the West African print.

anotheryarn said...

I think you look great in the Anda dress and cardigan :)

Ashley said...

I really love your Anda Dress! Those sort of "not to fussy" garments are so useful to have.

Calico_Quilter0321 said...

I enjoy your variations on a theme. Putting pieces together is artsy, inspirational and fun, fun, fun! Very nice; I like!

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