Sunday 28 March 2010

Me-Made-March: Days 25, 26 and 27!

So, cracking on with the last week of Me-Made-March, Day 25:

Me-made sailor trousers, stripey stretch top, Saint cardigan, vest and pants. Not much to report.

Day 26:

Me-made Bubbles skirt, Saint cardigan, vest and pants. The Saint cardigan has had a bit of a bashing recently, being worn pretty incessantly. It is a victim of it's own success, if you will, as it perform well as a layer over lighter tops and as a top in it's own right. In fact I'm wearing it right now and something to put over my pyjamas when I first get out of bed (yes I know it's nearly 1pm, it's Sunday) as I never got round to making a dressing gown. It's starting to go bobbley.

I totally forgot I had this skirt until I rediscovered it last weekend whilst trying to find an example to show the sewing group ladeez how to apply a skirt facing. It's not a great fit, being pretty wide at the waist with little shaping for my curvy bum, but tucking a vest in the top helps pad the gapping waist out a bit. Evidence that this more colourful outfit made it out the flat (note a complete lack of navy blue in this outfit, which is a sight about as rare as a French steak):

Day 27 coincided with a beautifully sunny Saturday that I spent exclusively with my boy, seeing as his new working hours make hanging out together a less frequent occurence:

Me-made tunic dress, jeggings, vest and pants. Ah, that's better! LOTS of navy blue. My boy says this tunic looks like standard issue for a worker in communist China! Anyways, we went for a lovely walk round a very cool part-residential part-industrial barrio to the east of the city called Poble Nou. Most people don't bother to visit it, but we love it. It has a relaxed, friendly and pretty centre that on Saturday was buzzing with people having a coffee and tapas. The centre is surrounded by decaying old factories and warehouses that are awesome to photograph. Oh, and it's short walk to the beach:

I think you can probably tell that I've got a Barrio Crush. It's happened before, I was all over North Raval/Sant Antoni about a year and a half ago. If we weren't moving back to UK, I'm sure we'd try a stint at living in the 'Nou'. Oh, and 'Nou' is pronounced 'Now', so I could have lots of fun talking about living in the Nou/Now. There really isn't adequate time in four lifespans to spend a stint in all the places in the world I'd like to try living in.


Peter Lappin said...

I love that skirt -- such a great idea!

Dora said...

I am totally copying the bubbles idea.

naughty little pony said...

You look so great in navy! Wonderful creations as always. The beech looks amazing, I want to live there too.

Miss Lottie Lou said...

My goodness it's almost over! Are you excited? It's very impressive what you've done :) All your outfits have looked ace!
Lottie x

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