Tuesday 16 March 2010

Me-Made-March: Days 13, 14 and 15!

I was super-busy on Saturday (A.K.A Day 13) and totally forgot to photographically document my daytime me-made outfit. Fail! In fact, I did spend a chunk of Saturday getting my photo taken in me-made clothes, but not in the outfit I actually left the house in. I was having some test shots done for a collaborative project me and some mates have got in the pipe-line, will share all in due course.

Anyway, you'll have to trust me that I was wearing me-made jeggings, navy blue tunic dress, Saint cardigan, vest and pants. My boy and I decided that we would go out on a date on Saturday night, hence donning my glad rags and getting papped in the vintage style coral dress that I posted about a couple of days ago:

We went for some drinks in the El Borne area, and then for some tapas and further vinos near the Santa Catarina Mercat. Whilst wandering about trying to find somewhere that wasn't rammed, we can across this badass piece of street art!

Looks like the illustration from a vintage pattern envelope, does it not?! Onwards to Day 14:

Me-made jeggings, stripey T-shirt, Saint cardigan, vest and pants. If I look a little ill in the photo don;t worry, I'm not, I've just got red wine lips. This was a comfy outfit, although I must admit it didn't have much to come up against as I didn't leave the house once on Day 14! It did have to withstand the creation of chocolate crispy cakes however:

And finally, Day 15:

Me-made skirtain, jumper, vest and pants. A nice outfit for a standard day at work. Job done.


Susannah said...

Loving the word "skirtain". And way to rock the bold orange tones!

Anonymous said...

That dress just looks DIVINELY beautiful on you. Oh dear. Something else I want to make now.

Len said...

Hahahaha Skirtain!

I love that orange dress more than words can tell. Been looking for a sleeveless sheath dress pattern to make to wear to a Uni ball this year, I hope it turns out as nice as yours!

serendipity said...

luv the orange dress....today started sewing lessons so I can use all my vintage patterns that I've collected.

Me too....I'm an English cockney woman living in italy

Ms. B @ Millie Deel said...

That orange dress looks GORGEOUS on you!!

Jodi Wade said...

Looks like you had a great time making chocolate crispy cakes :)

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