Saturday 13 March 2010

Me-Made-March: Days 11 and 12!

So Me-Made-March is firmly in double figures, even if the temperature is not. I'd like to say a massive thanks to the lovely peops who have been keeping abreast with the developments of my challenge and for the comments that many have left, they are much appreciated. The super-sweet Lindsey M Nelson, Couturier, even went as far as to write a lovely post about my endeavour, which was endlessly flattering and pride-inducing! It makes me feel so happy to think that peops might be inspired into thinking about, sewing and wearing more of their clothing.

So onto Day 11:

Me-made skirt, T-shirt, Saint cardigan, vest and pants. An inspired addition of an additional T-shirt layer kept me a bit warmer. I didn't get any Evidence paps recently of me out and about in me-made garms, but hopefully our relationship has got to the stage where you trust me!

Day 12:

Me-made skirt, jumper, vest and pants. I struck upon the somewhat genius idea of teaming my Beignet skirt with my navy ruffle front jumper for a cute day look. I've only worn this skirt twice since I made it last summer as I kind of think the high waist and sexy curvy shape it accentuatess are more appropriate for evening/going out shenanigans, but this disguises that part but still looks cool. The fitted high waist actually made it feel nice and secure and it didn't ride about at all like some normal waist/hipster skirt sometimes do. Win.


Anonymous said...


I just found your blog recently and love your me-made-March challenge. It's funny that you brought up people talking about your challenge because I just mentioned you on my blog today!

I can't wait to see the rest of your outfits for the month.

Susannah said...

I'm still boggling at the fact that you're daring enough to conceive and execute this idea! You're evidently lucky enough to have a job that allow you to wear great me-made clothes instead of corporate drag, but all women have diverse wardrobe needs these days, and I'm amazed you're meeting them all (wedding! work! sleep! underwear!) out of your own resources.

Uta said...

I, too, love to follow your challenge. The most genius thing to me is that you chose a leopard coat for a topper - it perfectly complements the rest of your wardrobe!

Diane said...

I recently found your blog and have been really enjoying following your challenge. I think its one of the things that has been inspiring me to sew more recently, and build more of a me-made wardrobe.

Also I love the red skirt on Day 12, so cute!

Lindsey M Nelson said...

I love it all, especially that red skirt! Will we get to see it in a flirty/night out look, too? And I totally know what you mean about skirts riding up. I have wide hips and a narrower waist (although not as narrow after the twins!) and my skirts are constantly scooting up on me! Do you know what pattern you used for it?

Anonymous said...

I love your version of the Colette Patterns skirt. I've only just come across your blog and love your wry sense of humour - and outfits!

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