Thursday 11 March 2010

Me-Made-March: Days 9 and 10!

Ok, I have to have a little moan. This is what Me-Made-March in Barcelona is supposed to look like:

That is me in Barcelona in March two years ago wearing a me-made dress and jacket combo. I probably wasn't even wearing a vest! This March, from what I can gather, has been unseasonally cold. I was hoping to wear a greater selection of me-made garms, but now all I'm doing is alternating between my jumper and Saint cardigan (I know you've noticed but were too polite to say anything!). Getting my laundry done is also a bit of a nightmare, trying to get things washed in the morning and then cooking them dry on the radiators before the following day. I knew Me-Made-March was going to involve a bit more planning than usual because of the restricted garments I'm allowed, but I didn't bank on the weather making it even more difficult. Ok, moan over. I know I'm being selfish and that millions of people get by in much colder climates with much less. Sorry.

Onto the Documentation pap for Day 9:

What we have here is me-made jeggings, stretchy dress, Saint cardigan, vest and pants. Same outfit as Day 3 in fact, which is pretty boring. Evidence pap (in case you are struggling to believe I would venture out the flat in such attire!):

This was taken in yet another changing room (I was in there for work purposes, I promise). The number of changing rooms I've been in in the last year and a half (for researching) must be nearing Paris Hilton's tally! Wish I could get this kind of lighting in my flat, though I'd end up with the inflated self-esteem of Paris Hilton to match. Hang on, have I just discovered the correlation? Hypothesis: 'Time spent looking in flatteringly lit changing room mirrors is in direct proportion to self-esteem'. I deserve a science grant.

Whilst I work out how to apply for my research grant, take a squizz at Day 10's Evidence pap:

In fact I forgot to get a Documentation pap yesterday, so this'll have to do. Me-made sailor trousers, jumper, vest and pants, same outfit as Day 7 and I'd say the most comfortable and warm (long socks are worn under the wide trousers to dispell drafts!). The sailor trousers are fast becoming my jeans substitute.


Karin said...

Anyway , it looks great (your outfits!).
And go, go, go, spring is in the air, I'm sure it'll warm up soon!

Lindsey M Nelson said...

If you ever start to feel like you're repeating garments too much, just take a look at this!

You're doing awesome and I totally admire you for sticking to this challenge!

Lindsey M Nelson said...

PS. I hope you don't mind, but I've gone ahead and blogged about your awesome project!

Anonymous said...

Hi Zo

Just thought I'd say I'm finding your project inspirational - I'm checking back every other day to see what you're wearing!

Keep it up - and I'll be getting my sewing machine out to join you ( in a very modest way!)


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