Friday 26 March 2010

Me-Made-March: Days 22, 23 and 24!

Only a week left of Me-Made-March! It'll be interesting to review the challenge when it is over, but I have a feeling I'm going to miss it a bit. Obviously it'll be great to have more variety of clothes to wear again, but I have a feeling that putting on non-me-made clothes, at least initially, will feel a bit like cheating! Non-me-made clothes sometimes feel like camoflage when I don't want to stand out, and I've missed that option at times over the last few weeks. I sometimes feel that wearing something I've made screams 'home-sewer', even if in reality it isn't true. But I do feel proud and happier in clothes that I've made myself, so I guess it's a paradox that I've yet to figure out.

On to the matter in hand, Day 22:

Me-made jumper dress, jeggings, vest and pants. I don't think this photo shows this outfit at it's best, in fact I think that all the documentation shots look a little skewed. I guess that's the result of getting someone whose a bit taller than you to take the photos. Love the foreshortened legs effect!

Day 23:

Me-made sailor trousers, ruffle front jumper, vest and pants. I'm clearly running out of inspired combinations of garments and sticking to previously successful ones!

Day 24:

Me-made stripey T-shirt, Saint cardigan, jeggings, vest and pants. The Evidence paps which prove that I do actually leave the flat (on days when I leave the flat!) in my hand-made outfits have fallen by the wayside somewhat, but I did snare one on this day:

Want a closer look of the super-cool brooch I wore with this outfit?:

It's a sweet little hot air balloon! The balloon part and the basket are actually separate brooches, how clever is that?! It was a gift from my super talented homegirl Michelle who made this with her own fair hands. Luckily for everyone who doesn't know Michelle personally, she has recently set up her own Etsy shop, so everyone has the chance to adorn themselves with some of her amazingly well crafted and frankly genius designs. Check it out, there are some very cool brooches and necklaces available.


Uta said...

I meant to comment more often, but it's hard to keep up with you! I'm going to miss MMM, if only for all the posting goodness. Meant to say: 1. I really, really love your nautical skirt. Great button placket, great style, please send me one. (Kidding, sort of.) 2. I immediately noticed the brooch. I have a thing for hot air balloons; not sure why. What a clever and cute piece of jewelry!

Debi said...

Cute sailor trousers! I also adore the clever!

naughty little pony said...

Hello! thank you for the encouragement Zo, I'm so glad you like it!

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