Monday 15 March 2010

Fabric Swap Round 4 CONTINUED!

Come on Stash Bustin' peops! What's up? This week I didn't hear from any takers for the beautiful check fabric I posted as up for grabs last Monday. So we'll have a Fabric Swap roll-over and keep this one open for another week. The fabric's description is this:

'42.5" wide x 90" long. I think it is either silk shantung or silk taffeta. I bought it in our local charity thrift store, it was a fabric too nice to pass. I have it now for about 6 months and do not have any use for it. The fabric is not that thick but has a firmer fiber which would be great for sculpting some kind of more structural garment. Colors: moss green and navy/dark blue.From pet free and smoke free home..'

If you want to get your mits on it, then you can enter by emailing me at with your name, email address, postal address, a picture of the piece of stash fabric you are offering up and a short description of that fabric (width and length of fabric and fibre content if known will suffice). Mark the subject of your email 'FABRIC SWAP 4'. I'll select a recipient at midnight Sunday 21st March using a random number generator and inform them Monday morning, and post the next piece of fabric.

Metric peops, I just figured out 90'' long is about 2m 30cms! There's a lot of potential in this fabric. Among many other possibilities, fabric with some body like this could form a fantastic gathered skirt when making a vintage pattern such as these, for example:

And if you didn't quite have enough for the bodice section, you could always use a contrast piece on the top, as I've wittered on about before. So come on potential fabric swappers, it's kind of a use it or loose it situation with this swap, if I don't receive any entries, I can't take the swap forward and will have to call it a wrap. So even if you don't fancy participating, either this round or in general, if you want to see the swap continue, please please give it a mention and link on your blog or tell your mates so we can keep it alive! Many thanks.


Miss Lottie Lou said...

I love this fabric! I wanted to join in the fun but I thought the closing date so to speak had passed so I'm really happy it's back! I'm going go dig out some fabric from stash and take a photo right now!
Lottie x

Pattern Junkie said...

I'll have to get my act together and take some photos this weekend -- so glad the swap is still going on!

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