Thursday 25 March 2010

At Colette Patterns: 'Fabric Covered Buttons'

A few years ago there was a time when I would wander about the shops and find myself craving virtually everything. It took me a while to figure out that this was because a trend for fabric covered buttons was sweeping the high street. And I had a heightened sensitivity to them. Still do. You could show me a bland or even fairly hideous garment that the designer has had the insight to adorn with covered buttons and I'll still be physically drawn to it. Maybe it's because this style of buttons was also massive in the 60's, one of my favourite areas of dress, or maybe it's because they are successfully achieveable at home; whatever the reason, I can't get enought of the fabric covered button-crack.

Well, what is my weekly post at Colette Patterns, if not an extended excuse to indulge my sewing fixations, thinly veiled as potentially informative or inspirational tidbits? This week's is no different.


Miss Lottie Lou said...

I love fabric covered buttons! I really liked the ones you did with the cartoon faces on, they were really cute. I need to get me a button covering kit because I have a stash of scrap material just screaming out to be made into buttons!
Lottie x

geogrrl said...

I just wanted to ask..

I saw your "Dolly Bag" and love it. I see it's a pattern you drafted yourself. Any chance of getting a copy?

Zoe said...

Thanks Lottie! Happy button making.

Hi geogrrl, many thanks for the compliment on my dolly bags. It took me a very long time to develope the pattern just as I want it and I sometimes make and sell them, so I'm afraid i won't be sharing this particular pattern, however I have seen a bag pattern very similar to this for download on Burdastyle.

Happy sewing ladies

geogrrl said...

Thanks for the reply, Zoe.

Yes, I thought you might say that and I can't say I blame you.

I did find something similar, and I'll adapt it (well, resize it) to what I'm looking for.

Thanks again!

Karin said...

Oooh, I'm not as big a fan of fabric covered buttons as you are (I'm a Mother of pearl-addict), but I LOOOVE the ones in the picture. Kawaii!

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