Wednesday 17 March 2010

At Colette Patterns: 'Style Inspiration: The French Resistance'

This week over at the Colette Patterns blog, I remembered the glamorised post-war film portrayal of the French Resistance and took a look at the historical reality. Learning more about the French Resistance and finding some images of the participants inspired me, personally, to imagine a look that takes a spoonful of the trench coat/beret stereotype and fuse it with a more modern take on the 40’s feel inspired by seeing what the actual participants were wearing. Either that or I've been busy trivialising heroicism, as one commenter on the post suggested. Your choice.


Clare said...

'Listen very carefully - I shall say this only once': - Let's hope your anonymous commenter is never forced to watch 'Allo 'Allo episodes back to back...!

serendipity said...

let me be an anonymous commentator and am forced to watch Allo Allo episoded back to back
just luv'em
joan in italy

I was going to sya "You stupid woman" but it seems a bit offensive if you've never seen the series.

Ali said...

I've seen the post here and the original at Colette. I typically refrain from these convos, but this brings up, for me, two very important questions. Is fashion/style merely trivial? For me, no. It's intimately wrapped up in social status and pressure, personal and group identity, politics, history, business, wealth, real and imagined lives. And secondly, why should we limit our inspiration to those that popular culture has designated for us to covet? Indeed, that would be safer ground, but I personally reserve the right to find inspiration wherever I see fit.

Look at the rage in 50s vintage attire (which I find beautiful, though it doesn't suit me). It wasn't exactly a liberated era for women, but many have found inspiration there. Why is it less trivial to find inspiration in that era than among women who fought, to use the anonymous poster's term, heroically?

Zoe said...

Thanks Clare and Serendipity for making me laugh! And thanks Ali, Amen to that. I share your sentiments exactly! x

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