Thursday 4 March 2010

Me-Made-March: Days 2, 3 and 4!

Ok, gots some catching up to do with my reports back to y'all regarding my project. So with no further ado, may I present my Documentation Pap for Day 2:

Me-made top, sailor trousers, vest and pants (plus bag and leopard coat not seen in this picture). I must admit, the leopard coat looked rubbish with this outfit! This was the maiden voyage for the sailor trousers and I'm happy to report they are COMFY. I guess that's the stretch quality of the fabric for you. Actually, I don't think this pic makes this outfit look as cute as I believe it appeared in the flesh. I really enjoyed wearing it, but the weather was a bit shitty and I was really cold by the time I got back to my flat. I wanted to put my big woolly (mass-manufactured) cardigan on to warm up, but that would be cheating so I dragged the duvet to the sofa and crawled under instead!

Ok, Evidence Pap so you can see I actually did wear this outside of the flat and am subsequently genuinely clad in me-made garms:

Yeah that's right, I was doing more trend research yesterday (NOT clothes shopping as it may appear).

Next up, Day 3 Documentation Pap:

Me-made jeggings, jersey dress, cardigan (you have yet to be properly introduced, but I promise to do so soon), vest and pants, plus coat and bag not seen here. I inadvertantly 60's 'd up my hair and makeup a bit on Day 3 which suited the leopard coat a lot more than Day 2's overall look.

Evidence Pap hurriedly taken in the lift after teaching my Wednesday class (apologies if it blinds you):

Documentation Pap for Day 4:

Me-made skirtain, stretch top, cardigan, vest and pants (plus coat and bag blah blah blah). I put the skirt on this morning, having not worn it for ages, and something felt funny. Before I could work out why it wasn't going on properly a dress making pin, which had inexplicably got caught up in the lining (which is the wierdest thing because I made this skirt years ago and have worn and washed it loads of times) ripped up my finger. No idea what that was about, I feared it was a sign not to wear this skirt today, but I went ahead anyways and touch-wood all is well.

Evidence Paps:

You guessed it, there was more trend researching today. Plus the second photo is my attempt at being more creative whilst bring you documentation of the garms' presence outside my flat. Expect more of this sort of thing.


Reethi said...

What a great idea! I'm quite inspired... (although, sewing outerwear for Toronto is not in me, so if I do this, my version will be significantly modified.)

Lindsey M Nelson said...

Lovely! Especially love the "skirtain". So, am I to understand that you even made your own underwear? Is that what you mean by "vest and pants"? (I'm a bit rusty on my British, it's been eight years since I've been!)

melski said...

Great stuff! I love love the skirtain and top from Day 4!!

piccola samurai said...

I love day 2 outfit, both the top and sailor pants are amazing! I'm amazed by your beautiful hand-made garments!!!!

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