Thursday 18 March 2010

Me-Made-March: Days 16 and 17 = halfway!

Day 16 went a little something like this:

Me-made navy tulip skirt, stripey T-shirt, Saint cardigan, vest and pants. Nice enough, except the skirt tends to ride up when I'm walking about. Evidence this outfit made it past the front door:

Day 17, and I have something to announce, it's definately getting warmer! Woo hoo!:

Me-made jeggings, tunic top, Saint cardigan, vest and pants. It's not warm enough yet to go vest-less (my boyfriend's indicator of when Winter is officially over!) but it's definately getting better. Oh, and check out my saint necklace with the Saint cardigan (I'm not sure why I started writing 'Saint cardigan' with a capital S, but I feel it would lack continuity if I stopped now)!:

I'm pretty excited to be halfway through this challenge, and a couple of weeks closer to regaining access to my cozy dressing gown! I feel I've learnt a few things so far:
  • You can easily get by with six pairs of pants, even if you spend a weekend away, as long as you keep on top of your laundry.
  • Similarly, you can get by with one set of pyjamas, as long as you wash them in the morning and dry them on the radiator (if the weather is cold) throughout the day.
  • Alternating between two tops is boring but possible.

There's probably more, but that's all I can think of right now.


Clare said...

Wow, I love your necklace! Did you make or buy it?

I'm so impressed with your March challenge, and I'm taking the plunge with my own, slightly less ambitious version - a week's Handmade Holiday in the south of France. Basically so I have an excuse to wear stripy tops, navy shorts and paint my toenails red but you know, it's still a challenge :) It's actually really interesting to consider what this means in terms of what I will have to make (I would never have remembered to make pyjamas for example, which could have been embarrassing!)

Zoe said...

Oooh, Clare your challenge sounds so interesting! Are you going to document each day of your holiday? I'd LOVE to see it! x

Clare said...

Probably, although I am the world's laziest blogger (in fact I'll have to revive my blog for the occasion) :) The scariest sewing challenge will undoubtedly be a handmade swimming costume!

Amy said...

I'm sewing a skirt similar to your navy one for the OPB sew along, will have to watch out for the riding up! Love the necklace - I have bracelets with little religious icons on them, but that is waaay nicer :D

Gail said...

Your striped tee-shirt is reminding me that I have a piece of black and white stripe waiting to make up. I wanted it for my holiday - starts next Wednesday, so not sure if it will get done.

Zoe said...

Clare, the necklace was a gift from a friend because she knows of my weakness towards catholic imagery! PLEASE let me know, links or what have you, how and when I can view your Handmade Holiday challenge. I love how alliteration is a big part of challenge forming! Somehow makes the whole thing more formal! Good luck with the swimming costume. I want to try and make a retro shaped one for the very rare occassions I find myself in one. Check out Bloom´s Fabric Obsession blog (link on my page), she has made many very professional looking swimwear items, plus she details the process very carefully so you may find it of use.

Good luck Amy and Gail with your works-in-progress!


Clare said...

ah, thanks! I was just checking out Pattern School, and the examples on Blooms Fabric Obsession are very inspiring!
I'll try to blog my challenge, although we are going to be in a fairly rural area, I'll see if I can borrow an iPhone to update :) xx

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