Monday 19 September 2011

SSS '11: Days 17, 18 & 19

Day 17:

What I wore:

Me-made black sailor trousers, Sailor Sencha blouse and pants. Thrifted red cardi (bored of this one yet?) and me-made yellow jacket for much of the day.


Nothing of interest.

Day 18:

What I wore:

Me-made black sailor trousers, long-sleeved stripey T-shirt and pants (plus the ubiquitous thrifted red cardi). When my me-made yellow jacket failed to protect me from another day of rain, I resorted to spending much of the day consuming coffee and cake indoors. Problem solved.


I spent the weekend visiting my mate in Bristol, so to travel light, my outfits for days 17 & 18 are almost the same except for the tops. Thus, I was still adhereing to my plan to wear a different outfit each day throughout September.

Day 19:

What I wore:

Me-made navy sateen skirt, bustier line T-shirt and pants. The cardigan is second-hand and my me-made leopard coat escorted me to and from work.


Love my new red tights. I feel a breath of colour has just wafted into my wardrobe! They have provided me with an added impulse to keep finding new garment combo's to keep this challenge interesting and useful for me by discovering more variety within my existing clothing.


christine said...

hey Zoe, I was on holidays in the last two weeks so I couldn't be bothered to participate this time (plus, I have only made one very summery skirt this year so far), but I'll be on board again some other time. I agree about tights, they can really change the whole look of an outfit. I actually bought 4 (!) pairs today in fall colours because all my old ones had holes or don't fit well, and I feel like my fall wardrobe is all set now!
Love your style, and commitment, as always.

Carolyn said...

You look fabulous! I like to keep it interesting too, and it is fun to play around with your me-made clothes, isn't it?

Shelly said...

As always more fabulous outfits, Zoe! I like that you are exploring the different combinations you can make. If only I had enough to do the same :( day.

Roisin Muldoon said...

Yay for red tights! I bought some excellent ones last year and they are really good for extending your outfit combinations :)

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