Thursday 16 June 2011

Me-Made-June '11: Days 13, 14 & 15: Plus Brighton Meetup INFO!!!

Ok, let's get the house keeping out of the way first. For those who are lucky enough to be in the vicinity of Southern England on June 25th, I'm organising a meetup of sewers to celebrate Me-Made-June '11 in Brighton. This event will involve wandering about one of, let's face it, the best places in the UK for creative-minded peops: absorbing inspiration, fabric and notions at will, then retiring to sit, natter and imbibe, and even partcipate in a purely voluntary swap of unwanted pieces of fabric. In short, it's going to be amazing. So amazing in fact, that many of those who flagged up their interest in the comments section of that original announcement post failed to include the crucial piece of info: their email addresses. Not everyone's blogger account automatically provides an email address, so whereas I've been able to hunt down some, others evade me. I've sent out an email with further details about the meetup, so if you already declared your interest but haven't received an email from me, OR you missed the initial announcement and quite fancy attending having read this post, y'all need to provide me with your email address. You can leave it in this comments section, or the comments section of the original post, or you can email me directly at the email address you can see in my profile on the right hand side at the top of this page. Looking forward to seeing everyone in less than two weeks!

Onwards with the ongoing documentation of my participation in Me-Made-June '11.

Day 13:

  • Ruffle-front jumper
  • Massive flower miniskirt
  • Vest
  • Pants
  • Coat
Yes. I am wearing a knit jumper AND vest in June. No. I'm not happy about it. But Yes. I do still love this skirt.

Day 14:

  • Stripey T-shirt
  • Denim sailor trousers
  • Pants
  • Saint cardigan on the way to work
I don't want to fall so easily into the British stereotype of always going on about the weather, but by contrast to chilly, drizzly Day 13, Day 14 was seriously hot! That's the schizo weather we are dealing with here. It makes it very tricky to plan outfits, let me tell you. I'm not complaining, mind, it felt lovely to be wearing so few layers. Umm, upon reflection I'm thinking these trousers make me look pretty wide round the mid-section. Of course, it could be that I am just pretty wide round the mid-section, but if that is true, these trousers are doing nothing to disguise the fact. Maybe I need a lower waistline? A darker colour (do my black version of these trousers create the same effect)? Or a narrower leg fit? Any ideas?

Day 15:

  • Black jersey top
  • Denim high-waisted shorts
  • Pants
  • Coat
You're going to be really proud of me: I did it! I spent a day in my other pair of high-waisted shorts! Remember how I was all going on about how I felt really uncomfortable and self-conscious in the shorts I'd been making, and that I'd decided to challenge myself to wear both pairs for a whole day each during this month? Well, tick! Done!

I have to say, I LOVE these shorts now! Thanks everyone who offered advice and your own thoughts on short-wearing in that initial 'Thoughts on Shorts' post. I have to say, for me I think the limit of my comfort-zone is with the tights wearing. I feel good in these shorts with opaque tights on, but I don't think I'd enjoy wearing them with flesh-coloured tights or bare legs. Maybe that'll change in the future, but I feel like major progress has been made in this field, so I'm happy with that right now.

I also must admit, I only put the belt on for the photo (taken at lunch time) and then again to go out after work (along with some red lipstick, FYI). The belt is too tight to wear all day, who can work in what is effectively a corset?!


Gail said...

Love your sailor pants. I want my own pair in black linen!

Roisin Muldoon said...

I have the same belt and have the same problem, and where the buckle falls it really digs in. I think you look aces in the shorts, and I don't think the sailor trousers make you look wide, but if you're feeling self conscious in them you could dye them navy, maybe?

MrsC (Maryanne) said...

I would love so much to come to the meet up becuse I would love to meet you all and I would love to be in England. Maybe next year.
I love the sailor trousers. Perhaps a higher waist would look good too? The shorts are adorable!

Tamsin said...

I was also thinking maybe a higher waist. A lower one would chop you in half at an even wider point... They are still lovely trews though!

Roobeedoo said...

I love your shorts! Maybe I need to be brave too! The sailor pants may look wider because of the angle of the photo and the white buttons, which draw the eye.They still look great!

Stevie said...

Shorts are definitely on the list despite the weather!
I thought you had my email from before lovely, but I haven't had an email

Lysy said...

The shorts look great with the belt - but I'm with you on the corset feeling! I also have those Burda trousers and they are SO comfy aren't they :) Maybe you could wear a longer cardigan with them to balance where the waistline falls if you're worried?

Alexandra said...

Your shorts look wonderful, i love shorts with tights, its the only way i feel comfortable wearing them.

Andrea said...

Oh, I wish I lived in England so I could meet y'all in Brighton. Your "me-made" outfits look great!

Lucie said...

Wish I lived in England too as it would be great fun to join you. And your big flower skirt is the best.

Jodi Wade said...

You are rocking those shorts. I wish I was in England too!!!!

Aileen said...

Oops! I was one of the ones who forgot to leave my email!



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