Monday, 6 June 2011

Me-Made-June '11: Days 4, 5 & 6

So, let's do this!:

Day 4, AKA 'Self-Stitched-Skirt-Saturday', (daytime):

Plus, the world's pastiest legs! It was sooooper hot on Saturday, so I was able to reach for one of my standard outfits from my Barcelona days. This cotton blouse is really fine and not at all clingy, so great for sticky days.

Day 4, AKA 'Self-Stitched-Skirt-Saturday', (evening):

Poker and cocktails night!!!!!!!!!! It's tricky trying to figure out what to wear when you are just staying in your own flat for the evening, but want to rock a femme-card shark kind of look. How much is too much?! I've got my ganster shoes on that I picked up at a charity shop for £5, and seeing as they are too high to actually walk anywhere in, this was kind of the perfect evening to rock them!

I felt really good in this outfit, because I think it's a pretty good reflection of my style as it currently stands: kind of kitschy-glam with a vintage flavour. Actually, looking at the pics again, it's not as kitschy or glam as I'm capable of, but considering the other players rocked up in jeans or shorts and T-shirts (except for my boy, Patty, who rocked a ludicrous black and gold vintage western shirt, gawd bless 'im!) I felt the most flashy in the room!

Day 5:

Despite what you may have expected, I wasn't as hungover as you'd think on Day 5. I'm rocking a comfy top and jam-jams because it was raining and I had no plans to go outside, considering I'd been so busy the day before preparing food and drinks, cleaning and tidying the flat, hanging paintings and buying lamps. That leopard top really was worth the making. It's very versatile. During Winter, I rock it with a vest underneath and cardi over the top, but now it's a little warmer, it acts like a lightly more flattering sweatshirt.

Day 6:

  • Bustier T-shirt
  • Grey wool dress (recently fixed coz I'd made a rubbish job of the back slit and a belt loop broke)
  • Refashioned cardi
  • Pants
Today was a throroughly miserable day. I wish I could have stayed at home again in my jam-jams, so grey and chilly. Anyways, this dress turned out to be a major investment in effort. I'm going to make some more wool dresses for next Autumn if the fabric surfaces.

If you are playing with this challenge, how are you getting on so far? Any notable observations or revelations?!


Alessa said...

That wool dress looks pretty! Also, I'm totally in love with your gangster shoes... :)

Aileen said...

I got caught in that Sunday downpour on the way from Richmond road to the station. I'm jealous you got to stay in your jammies - that would've been a much better plan!

Vintage Girl said...

Yes, the biggest revelation is that fitted clothing looks nice, but it hard to wear all day. I need to make some stretch clothing! I need to be comfy. Your outfits, my dear are beautiful. I love the skirt and I need some jammies like yours in the worst way.

House of Pinheiro said...

all very lovely !

Tilly said...

Lovely, Zoe! You can rock me-made on poker nights and jim-jam days! x

(Oh noooooooo! The word verification is... dare I say it... "panti"! Eewww! I HATE that word!)

Shelly said...

I'm loving your outfits. The kitschy-glam looks fantastic and I just love the gangster shoes but I especially like your jammies. Wish I could stay in mine all day.

My notable observations 'I need to sew more!' I have got a huge gap in my winter (it's winter here on my side of the world) stay at home clothes.

Anonymous said...

Love the blue skirt! So cute!

Debi said...

Fabulous mmj days!!! Love the glam one and a perfect day to wear the shoes (fab find)!!!

Suzanne said...

you are so cute i could die

Anonymous said...

I'm having trouble with the heat factor. It has been unreasonably hot and humid here in Ohio, and I tend to strip down to tank tops and boxer shorts as soon as I hit home. I'm going to have to recreate some of my outfits for the sake of photography.

Apparently, everything I make comes in Blue.

Stacy aka Stacybeads said...

Love your outfits, pajamas included! So far, MMJ has been good because I've figured out a few new ways to style some garments I've had for a while. Also, MMJ has made it apparent that I need a me-made orange top of some kind. Considering how much I love orange, it's pretty weird that I don't have one already.

Unknown said...

Incorporating me made = good so far
Photographing it = not so good so far!!

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