Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Me-Made-June '11: Days 25, 26, 27 & 28

Don't worry peops, this is the penultimate view into my daily wears this month. I have to say that seeing myself in my home-mades as others would is a very useful exercise, seeing what looks good and what, umm, doesn't. Anyways, let's crack on..

Day 25:

This was my chosen outfit for the fantastic meetup this weekend. Seeing as it was a celebration I wanted to wear something a little more special than what I would usually wear to wander around the shops. I'm glad this photo features my yellow jacket pretty prominantly, as it's done me proud this month but hasn't received the photographic recognition it deserves.

Day 26:

  • Denim trousers
  • Cotton top
  • Pants
  • Denim skirt later on
Damn, it was unexpectedly hot on Day 26! You've caught me trying on bras in M&S! I've just realised I haven't been in a changing room since I left my fashion trend research job in Barcelona last July! That's nearly a year! This photo reminds me of all those documentation paps I took in changing rooms for the very first me-made challenge that I undertook solo back in March 2010.

Day 27:

  • 50's day dress
  • Pants
  • Yellow jacket
    • Ha! Look, you can tell when it's warmer because my list of me-mades for the day is radically shorter! Now, as I mentioned in the original post about this dress, it's pretty granny-esque. As it turns out, along with the Bolognese, my mum hates this dress! Which I can totally understand. When she was developing her sense of style and beginning to use fashion as a form of self-expression in the mid-60's, she was rocking sharp mod-styles. She and her mates would be using those styles to move away from the fashions of the previous era, that of their parents, which this dress falls into. Anyways, it's super-comfy on a warm day. The blousiness maybe questionable stylistically, but it is a joy to wear when the English summer shows it's face.

      Day 28:

      • Wax fabric Anda dress
      • Pants
      • Yellow jacket
      Do you remember this wax fabric Anda dress? Of course you don't! I made it approximately 3 million years ago, around the neolithic period (Creationists don't believe this dress even exists). A long time before I even started this blog, though it did get an airing during Me-Made-May 2010. It recently appeared in a bag of stuff I'd had stashed at my folks' house. I'd virtually lived in this dress in Barcelona on hot days when I still needed to look semi-decent, so I guess I was happy to have it out of sight for a while.

      If you have been participating in MMJune '11, have you found yourself revisiting older creations as part of this challenge? How did it feel to be 'reunited' again?


      Anonymous said...

      I got distracted part way through your post to read your Macaron post - I love it, it's gorgeous! Off to have a nose at your solo MM month post now. MM Months are really inspiring and I can't wait until I have enough me mades to join in!

      Anna said...

      love that cotton top!

      I decided half way through MMJ that I wanted to see if I could do it without repeating a single Me Made item and I have done with a few to spare which is great.

      My oldest Me Made has been from 2005 and I still love the fabric and the design of it. I have quite a few older Me Made things as I've been sewing heavily for about 7 years now but I did have a baby 4 years ago (exactly 4 years ago today actually!) and haven't really lost the weight from that yet (I'll get around to it one day) so I have a suitcase full of Me Mades that I'm waiting to be able to fit again and a few that I've not worn for ages but fit me again now.

      I've really enjoyed MMJ and it's brought me back to wanting to be like I was in about 2006 where I made the vast majority of clothes myself so I'm going to try to avoid the shops again except for really basic things (why is nice black knit so hard to find and so expensive?) and make everything I can, lord knows I have enough fabric and yarn to manage it!

      Thanks for doing the Me Made months, I'm going to have to sew some new stuff so I can take part in the next one without boring myself and everyone else!

      Vintage Girl said...

      You look great! Love all your outfits. My camera took a bad fall and was mailed back for repairs. This is my second camera in 6 months. My mom won't even let me borrow hers! LOL, So I haven't been taking any pictures, but will catch up at some point. Thanks for hosting MMJune, it was good for me to see the gaps in my closet and to know that less is really MORE!!We really don't need half of what we think we do. Learned a lot! Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

      Gail said...

      I love the yellow cardi jacket. What pattern have you used?

      Gail said...

      I love the yellow cardi jacket. What pattern have you used?

      Shelly said...

      I absolutely love your 'granny-esque' 50's style dress! I don't care what your mum says (and I would be about the same age as her)it looks fantastic. But then I do love vintage styles. lol

      Alessa said...

      That yellow jacket is great, I love the big buttons! :)
      Since I started sewing only last year, there weren't really any "old friends" I could wear. It was interesting, though, that I found myself wearing my very first jersey creation (a polka dotted half-circle skirt) the most. It's far from perfect but so comfy and has just the right amount of swirl... :)

      Jane said...

      I love your granny dress too, it's gorgeous despite what your mum and the Italian public think! This is my first me-made challenge and taking a photo of myself every day has really made me analyse which styles suit me and which don't. In terms of old favourites, I've worn two skirts I made pre-blog and there have been a few surprise hits (with me and other people). The biggest hit has been my Beignet. I thought I could only wear it in the Winter because it was above the knee - wrong. It's become the me-made item I've worn most and given me a new lease of life on shorter skirts! Yippee! x

      Unknown said...

      I have to say I love all the "Me-made" posts I've seen this month. I didn't participate in the challenge, but did try to wear more of my own made items. Doing so gave me gave me so much pleasure: thanks for the inspiration!

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