Tuesday 21 June 2011

Me-Made-June '11: Days 19, 20 & 21

With no further ado, I'll get on with documenting MMJ '11.

Day 20:

  • Black sailor trousers
  • Stripey T-shirt
  • Refashioned cardi
  • Pants
  • Yellow jacket when I went out
Not the most exciting outfit in my repertoire, but not bad for a Sunday avec un petit hangover. At least I managed to avoid the addition of seagull poo!

Day 20:

  • Red Beignet skirt
  • Stripe T-shirt
  • Refashioned jumper
  • Pants
  • Yellow jacket to and from work
Now, I'm not convinved the proportions of these garments work particularly well together, but you don't know these things 'til you try, eh? I do love wearing nautical colours though. You may have noticed that already.

Day 21:

  • Black sailor trousers
  • Bustier line T-shirt I made the previous day for this tutorial
  • Saint cardigan
  • Pants
  • Yellow jacket to and from work
Now, if I'm honest, when I was making that T-shirt, I was planning on giving it to someone, seeing as I already had a similar version. But when I tried it on to check the fit, it looked really nice to I decided to keep it! I can always make more....


Carlotta Stermaria said...

In France we would call it 'une petite gueule de bois' (though today's collective hangover is not small here, as yesterday was the infamous 'fête de la musique')...

Thank you very much for the bustier tutorial! Now the only thing between me and a stripey faux-bustier dress à la Sonia Rykiel is my knitophobia...

Lynneb said...

Cute Sailor pants outfit! AND thanks for the awesome t-shirt tutorial!

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