Monday, 13 June 2011

Me-Made-June '11: Days 10, 11 & 12 (plus a cheat for charity!)

Helloooooo. Hope you had a great weekend. This post proves I spent mine in hand-made wares, mostly!

Day 10:

  • Black sailor trousers
  • Sacred heart blouse
  • Refashioned cardi
  • Pants
  • Coat

In case you were wondering, I was trying to perfect a jump-photo, like the girls on America's Next Top Model, as they always get commended for 'thinking outside the box' and attempting a jump in their shoots. It's frikkin' hard though, maybe I'll nail it by the end of the month.

Day 11:

  • Black sailor trousers
  • Black stretch top
  • Refashioned cardi
  • Pants
  • Coat

I travelled to my old home town on Day 10 to spend the weekend with my fam and friends, so you'll no doubt detect a lack of variation in outfits for these three days. However, I was able to answer the perennial question: can one successfully rock hand-made garms to a cider and perry festival somewhere in the middle of the Essex countryside? YES! In case you were in any doubt.

Day 12 (morning):

  • No me-mades!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Can you even believe it?! The very creator of Me-Made-June '11 has cheated her own challenge rules and is wearing not a stitch of her own creation! And she appears to be proud of herself! Well, me and my lovely mummy there did a 5K sponsored run called Race for Life, for the charity Cancer Research UK, along with about 7000 other women.

In fact, seeing as I'm in a confessional mood, I'll admit to having regularly donned non-me-made sportswear throughout this month. I could have knocked up a me-made T-shirt to run in, and I doubt a pair of sweat trousers wouldn't be beyond my abilities, but I really don't see the point in making me-made sportswear just for the sake of this challenge when I already own a drawer full of old sportswear that I can through on for an hour to sweat in. All my sportswear was either bought by myself years ago or given to me fairly recently as hand-me-downs. When these existing items eventually become unwearable, unless my best mate donates me even more of her unwanted sporty garms, I'll happily replace them with me-made versions, particularly if I can find suitable fabric secondhand. That's really how I hope most challenge-participants are approaching Me-Made-June '11: making themselves items that will be useful to them, that maybe fill a 'wardrobe gap', rather than making essentially multiples of things they already own which serve the exact same function, years before that original is due to perish. As awesome as rocking me-made garments is, I can't see making garments which function identically as things you already own as a particularly sustainable or useful tack.

Day 12 (afternoon):

  • Black sailor trousers
  • Long-sleeved leopard top
  • Refashioned cardi
  • Pants
  • Coat

I'm back in me-mades. Hope you haven't lost faith in me!


Erin said...

Well, I for one have complete faith that, given everything else you've successfully sewn and shown on your blog, that you could make rockin' sweatpants if you had to. I agree that duplicating something you already own needlessly isn't sustainable for the environment.

House of Pinheiro said...

great choices for your MMJune.

Unknown said...

Well done on the Race for Life. Totally worthy cause for your MMJ lapse. Perhaps some applique text across the ass of your joggers could up the MM element of your sportswear?? Clearly it would look classy AND you'd fit right in in parts of our lovely county.....(yes you do detect an element of pee taking ;) Great jump too,ha ha! I constantly get the urge to create a montage of all the style bloggers and their "jumping" photos. Then another montage of hair buns....Fabulous!

Christina said...

I totally second using what you already have and not sewing stuff just for the sake of the competition. At least that's always been my point of view, too. ;) Congrats on doing the run, too.

Anonymous said...

Yay, well done on the race! Hope you had a nice, long drink lined up afterwards. I can't at all see the point in making fitness wear when the companies involved do it so much better than I ever could with their wicking fabrics and seamless seams. I'll happily hand over my money for that.

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