Thursday, 30 June 2011

Me-Made-June '11: Days 29 & 30. The end.

So, lovely peops, here we are. The final installment in the latest Me-Made challenge. I don't really have any shocking revelations to divulge, I'm afraid. Unless you view 'could do with a couple more cardi's and maybe another jacket' as shocking. Maybe you do.

Day 29:

  • Denim high-waisted shorts

  • Black cotton Port Elizabeth top

  • Pants

  • Saint cardi worn to and from work
It's funny how these shorts were intended to be all vintagey pin-up in style, yet combined with this looser slightly cropped top, the whole thing has a more contemporary vibe. I liked wearing this outfit, but I kind of felt in camoflage, like I was pretending to be someone else. I don't like a lot of contemporary styles at the moment (I hate those pleated front trousers that taper at the ankle, and those baggy silk blouses with the hem line that shorter at the front, for example), and I feel like I'm not being myself in this. However, I'm now a firm convert to the high-waisted shorts, but must remember that high-waisted shorts are for life, not just for Me-Made-June.

Day 30:

  • New Frida Kahlo dress

  • Refashioned cardi

  • Pants
Ha! Surprise! A mental new garment in which to celebrate the end of an explorative month. This is the first wearing of this dress, and I'll formally 'introduce' you soon in its own especially devoted blog post. It's actually really comfy, but I did have to explain to my boss why I was wearing a bizarre child's party dress to work this morning.

So. What now? Now I'm going to go back and have a good look through my self-stitched outfits and garments worn this month and try to figure out what suited me and where I need some work. I made no attempt towards any kind of wardrobe planning, preferring instead to sew at whim, but I do feel some lessons in silhouette and layering are in order.

If you have participated in MMJune '11, have you learnt anything this month? If you are a repeat participator, have you learnt anything new from previous challenges? Has participating in this challenge brought up anything you didn't expect? What turned out to be your favourite garment/outfit and why? Are there any garments you'll ditch after this challenge? Anything that has rose in your estimations? And on a selfish note, which of my outifts/garments that I rocked this month do you feel looked the best? Knowledge is power, afterall!

And onto the inevitable question: will there be another? Ummm, YEP!!!! Of course! I know that for participants of Me-Made-June '11, the thought of taking and uploading another month of documentation photos is probably as appealing as stepping in cat poo right now, but each of these me-made challenges really does have its own flavour, revelations and fun, so hopefully some of you will join myself and any newbies in September for (can you guess?!): Self-Stitched-September '11!!!!!! Thank you and goodnight.


Amy Stanton said...

Congrats on another great me-made month! I love your shorts--and love the statement that these clothes are for life, not just the special me-made months.

I flaked out on the end with photos, but am looking forward to September.

Urban Rustic said...

It certainly was a pleasurable experience and I have gained confidence in my "work" and how I view myself.I'll be there in September!!

Carolyn said...

First of all, thanks so much for putting this all together. This was my first time participating and I had such a great time. And learned a lot - particularly about what I actually wear vs. what I sew - and sadly they're not always the same thing! Thanks so much again, Zoe!!

samantha said...

This month not many bloggers participated in the me made june event.I think they are all over this concept and time for something new I guess

Andy said...

i like your shoes :)

niddetissus said...

Thanks for putting this together! And I totally agree with you on the pleated/tapered pants.

Alessa said...

You do rock those shorts, no matter if you stile them vintage or contemporary! :)
I liked MMJ a lot, especially since the summery weather (mostly) gave me lots of opportunities to go bare-legged in my skirts and dresses. It also motivated me to get more sewing done, which is always a plus! I'm looking forward to Self-Stitched September and in the meantime, I think I'll do Me-Made Mondays... :D

MrsC (Maryanne) said...

It's early summer in your part of the world and early winter here so while you lot are sporting cotton dresses and sleeveless Pendrells, We're rugging up in frock coats and woollie things. I only discovered this fascinating concept of blogging me made days too late to participate, although most days I rock at least one me made garment, and probably in autumn and winter more than other seasons as being a woman of substance I find winter clothes of taste harder to buy. :) So I may have to join in on Self styled September, when it is still chilly here. I chose to mrry in early September so I could wear velvet, after all! :) Oh, and I haven't forgotten promised post of warehouse apartment, just haven't gotten around to it!

Liz said...

I didn't sign up to MMJ because I thought I didn't have enough me-made items to get through the month (particularly as nearly all of them are knitted). But I started off the month wearing something I'd made and thought I'd see how long I could keep it up. And guess what - I wore something I'd made (there may have been rather a lot of repeats, and one evening I did throw together a necklace so I had something to wear the next day) every day. Next time, I shall sign up properly and take photos, as the only record I have this time is the list I kept in my diary.

Thanks so much for coming up with the idea :)

Dilly said...

Thanks so much for starting up these Me-Made months, I've loved following the previous months, and have really enjoyed joining in my first one.

This month has helped me gain confidence in my self-made clothes, and definitely helped me identify what I need to make to fill in holes in my wardrobe (basically more of everything). And it's also motivated me to sew more, which is always a pleasure :)

Looking forward to September!

Anonymous said...

I am really glad I stumbled across your challenge - I didn't realise quite how much me-made things I had hiding in my wardrobe. I started posting on the flikr group but got distracted by setting up my own blog, so thanks for the inspiration!

Unknown said...

I shall be there for SSS. Great Frida dress! A shot without the ubiquitous greed cardi might tell us a little more about it...hmmm...?!
Lovin your style, as ever.
Peace out ;)

muddledstyle said...

Hoping to have a go at SSS, but mostly wanted to say, I'm looking forward to more about the awesome crazy birthday dress!

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