Sunday, 19 June 2011

Me-Made-June '11: Days 16, 17 & 18 PLUS The Red Swing Trousers Saga

Howdy peops, I'm guessing that right now you're wondering what I've been wearing over the last few days. No? Oh, I show you anyway...

Day 16:

  • Denim sailor trousers
  • Stripey Sencha blouse
  • Refashioned cardi
  • Pants
  • Jacket worn to and from work
Ok, I like these trousers better with a top that isn't tucked in like this.

Day 17:

  • Lace embellished dress

  • Saint cardi (not worn in this pic so don't think your eyes are going funny)
  • Pants
  • Jacket to and from work
  • Patty's shirt
The reason for the silly shot is Claudine's mini-photo challenge in the MMJune '11 Flickr group. Friday's challenge was to have your photo taken with a loved one, so we channelled a faux-Victorian vibe for ours!

Day 18:

  • Red linen swing trousers
  • Bustier line T-shirt
  • Saint cardigan
  • Pants

  • Coat worn when I hit the streets
So I have yet had the opportunity to introduce these new trousers of mine. I'll explain.... During the last Brighton sewing meetup, I met the lovely Handmade Jane, who was rocking a stunning hand-made outfit including the gorgeous wide-legged navy trousers that I'd previously covetted over on her blog. The looked equally as fantastic in real life. As we were wandering round Brighton having a natter, I remarked that they would look awesome in red linen for summer, and less than half an hour later Jane and I were with the rest of those lovely ladies in Ditto fabrics staring at some stunning deep red linen blend. Jane very sweetly offered to lend me the pattern, the fabric got purchased, and a plan was born.

I must admit, I felt a little guilty about buying new fabric, but the 2m I needed is the only fabric I've bought so far this year. Jane must have popped the pattern (Simplicity 3688, a 1940's reprint) virtually the second she got home, bless her, because it arrived at work very soon after. Wide 40's-style swing trousers had been in my mind recently, and thought that these would fit pretty well into my vaguely retro-tinged wardrobe. They went together very quickly and the linen/cotton blend seems to have been a good choice.

Apparantly the wind decided you couldn't see them properly!:

But there's a 'but'. Well, a couple of 'buts' actually. One being that I'm not sure this type of high waist suits me. I'm short-waisted, meaning I have bugger-all space between my natural waist (the smallest part of my mid-section) and my bust. I like rocking a high-waisted look, but I don't find this 'high waist with a waistband' variety to be very flattering. They do nothing to flatten my belly, unlike my high-waisted shorts, in fact I think they kind of emphasise it (I chose the most flattering of shots taken, if you don't believe me, I have photographic evidence to back up my statement!).

The second 'but' is one of comfort. They fit perfectly in the morning, AKA, before lunch. Now, I don't know about you, but when I eat when my stomach is in anyway contricted my a waistband or belt, I get really bloated and feel uncomfortable for the rest of the day, until I can get home and put my jam-jam bottoms (pyjama trousers) on. In fact, the first time I tried out a day in these trousers, I got so uncomfortable after eating an epic lunch, that the button literally popped off on my way home! It's taken me a good six years to finally acknowledge the whole bloating phenomena, and I just don't want to feel uncomfortable any more. So, as much as it pains me, because pre-lunch they reallly do look great, I'm going to give these trousers to a better home, to someone with a slightly smaller waist than me and no belly to speak of, who I'm pretty convinced with adore these. If you love something, set it free, right?!

Oh, and on my way home from town, I was the victim of a seagull-poo attack, so had to get changed (into me-mades: black sailor trousers, black jersey top and refashioned cardi) to go and play poker in the evening:

What a day!


Anonymous said...

Hey, I feel your pain with the red pants. I always have post-lunch waistline issues. But they are pretty pants!

Hey, do you make your own knickers? Do you have a decent pattern to suggest? Aside from tracing out an extisting pair, of course.

Tilly said...

Bad seagull! Naughty seagull!

Re. post-lunch trousers - maybe someone (me?) should invent some trousers that have two zips... or maybe two lines of buttons, so you have pre- and post-lunch options.

Love that bustier t-shirt. Is it self-drafted? Would love to make one if you could share.

Carlotta Stermaria said...

Sorry to read the retro pattern doesn't suit you (I've had my eyes on that pattern for a while but wondered about high waists and large pants). I'm far from being as good a stitcher as you, but sewing seems to remain a perpetual experience!

On the other hand, I thought you looked gorgeous on that last post with you high-waisted shorts. How about developping a pants pattern from those shorts?

And I toroughly agree with Tilly on the bustier T-shirt (one of your early stretch experiments, if I remember)!

Jane said...

Oh Zoe I'm gutted the red trousers didn't work out - and we had such high hopes for them! I get the same thing with my waistband after lunch (or even after a cup of tea if I'm honest). But if they're not right, they're not right and I hope the new owner gives them a loving home.
I'm with the others on that bustier top - it's a stunner! xx

Octi said...

The model on the envelope of that pattern looks like she has a belly bulge in those pants, so that was kind of a red flag to me that they might not be the most flattering on my shape--also short waisted, much fuller bellied. I also have Simplicity 4044 and Decades of Style 4004, both of which have a waist facing rather than a band, and I think either one of those would work better. Swing pants can happen!

Joy said...

The Victorian-esque photo is great!

Corrine said...

I discovered in a high end ready to wear line that they were using elastic back waists inserts. They work like a charm for the post-nosh snuggies. It adds only and inch or so, but the waist band lies flat and doesn't look like elastic waist pants. You look stunning in them never-the-less.

The Long & Winding Bobbin said...

ahh the old short waist delimma. i am in the same boat...I feel your pain. As for the unfortunate seagull incident... Aparently its good luck, it chose you :-)

Fourth Daughter said...

The pants look great! And you can always wear something that sort of just hangs over the waistband if you're too self conscious about them. I've just reworked some red pants too, there must be something in the water lately :)
Oh, and in some cultures it's lucky to have a bird poo on you. Although it's hard remembering that when you're covered in crap.

Dilly said...

I think those trousers look lovely, but I've had the same issue with the jeans skirt I drafted for myself. I had the idea that high-waisted (or rather, at the actual waistline) was good for me, as it hits at the narrowest part of me, but this skirt has a straight waistband, and does exactly the same constricty tummy emphasisy thing. Although I still wear it :)

You look great in your high-waisted shorts, so I guess a facing is the way to go!

Zoe said...

Thanks everyone for your comments. I agree, high-waisted trousers with a facing top like my high-waisted shorts is clearly the way to go if I want to pursue this look.

@Senjiva, I do indeed make my own knickers, tho the pattern I use was traced from an existing comfortable pair. It's pretty easy to do though, even easier if you cut up a pair that are on their last legs anyway!


Anonymous said...

Zo, thanks for the info. You're right. I should just cut apart a pair. And leave off the leg elastic. All prior attempts were too snug. (TMI? no, it's sewing related)

Felicity from Down Under said...

Hi, I'm late commenting on this - just catching up on some blog reading. I understand your dilemma, as I sit at a desk all day and have the same problem with increasing discomfort.

I wondered if you'd considered a stretchy fabric (even though that's not what's indicated in the pattern)? I don't mean a knit fabric, but stretch bengaline or something like that with some extra give, which might mean you could have your trousers
AND your lunch? Otherwise, as Corrine suggested, the elastic in the back of the waistband is a good idea.

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