Saturday 12 May 2012

Poetry & Clothing Project: February

I am being slow to catch up with the garments and poems of the Poetry & Clothing project, what with it being mid-May and I'm only just blogging about February, but as everyone knows, the best things come to those who wait.

February's installment is special: the clothing more personal and plentiful, and the accompanying poem from the previous month a real treat. February is Harriet's birth-month (we are firm believers in the existance of birth-weeks and birth-months, which enable thorough celebration). It is also a bit of a dark time for many. Christmas, New Year and all the associated fun has passed and yet the beauty and revival of Spring are still firmly out of our grasp. So I produced a clutch of goodies to both celebrate and console Harriet this February.

First up was a stripey top (pictured at the top), not without nautical overtones! Made from a thickish knit fabric, possibly some kind of double knit, I played with the direction of stripe for the yoke area on the front and back. I also top-stitched the yoke seam allowance down for comfort. The next item is a pair of recycled jumper mittens (like these) to keep Harriet's hands toasty during the final throws of Winter. The outer layers are made from felted red and leopard printed knitwear, the inside layers are made from a cashmere jumper for pure cosiness. And finally, a vest and pants set. Who doesn't have trouble getting laundry dry during the Winter?! Don't tell me extra undies wouldn't come in useful.

So if all that gratuitous makery wasn't enough for you, check out the poetic response to January's jersey top and wool high-waisted shorts outfit. A distinctly saucy poem for you today, confirming what most of us here already know: the erotic potential of handmade clothing!


With such tender precision
this hand moves up my side
each pin point incision
on each soft curve, guides
this almost stranger
(strangeness subsides with time)
inside my wings are in danger
of unsticking colliding with rhyme
and a hand
on a zip
and a slow revealing hip
our lips like wands
make magic with words
go on kissing unheard


Maddie said...

Oh I know exactly how you feel! February and March are such hard months for me because the holidays are over yet spring hasn't arrived yet. I always get blue during that time; it is the hardest time of the year for me. I really love the nautical striped top and I think the way you played with the stripes really makes the top. Good job!

MrsC (Maryanne) said...

Wow on both accounts!!!

Shelly said...

I love that stripey top. Wow! That's definitely a saucy poem.

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