Sunday, 13 May 2012

MMMay'12: Days 9, 10, 11 & 12

Day 9 me-mades:
Remade sweatshirt (as yet unblogged)
Vest (camisole)
Pants (knickers)
COMFY outfit! I really can't explain how nice these trousers feel to wear. I often panic thinking that I've left the house wearing my jam-jams, but then I look down and remind myself it's just the School Boy trousers working their magic. In June I'll blog a couple of recent sweatshirt refashions/remakes, including this one. 

Day 10 me-mades:
Dark grey wool dress
Long-sleeved stripey T-shirt
Vest (camisole)
Pants (knickers)

Now, this outfit is fine and all and pretty cosy on a chilly day, but I'm just not that impressed with it. It feels really boring and just not 'me'. I have to work out a way to wear this dress that makes me feel more reflective of how I want to dress.

Day 11 me-mades:
Denim sailor trousers (burda pattern)
Vest (camisole)
Pants (knickers)

Many apologies for the terrible photo. See what happens when Pat goes to Tai Chi and leaves me to take my own documentation photo?

Day 11 outerwear and photo challenge:
From Day 11 onwards, basically I have decided it should be warm enough to ditch my navy wool coat in favour of my lighter leopard coat. In case you were wondering why the ugly photo background, I must explain that in the MMMay'12 flickr group we have a photo challenge each Friday to try and incorporate into our day's documentation photo. This Friday's challenge was 'Ugly backgrounds', so some of us tried to find some shoddy locations for our documentation. This is our horrible little backyard which hasn't been cleared up since a rubbish Winter of wind and rain.

Day 12 me-mades:
New navy cropped trousers (as yet unblogged)
New stripey peplum top (as yet unblogged)
 Vest (camisole)
Pants (knickers)
As you can see, the sun came out and my vitamin D deprived body can't handle it! Day 12 saw TWO brand new and previously unblogged garments. God, I know how to live! I'll blog about them soon. Of course I then immediately went and cleaned the kitchen and got a bleach mark on the top!


Jodi Wade said...

I LOVE your Day 12 outfit. Red and navy together look so good on you.

Anonymous said...

That leopard coat is awesome! I never would have guessed that it would be lightweight. No worries about the ugly background. It's actually kind of cool!

Catherine said...

Love the red outfit! ... Maybe your next make should be an apron? Can you put an anchor patch over the bleach spot?

Anonymous said...

the red stripe top and cropped pants are beautiful! can't wait to see the full posts.

also -I'd pair the grey wool dress with even more brights if you're not happy with it. maybe some purple as well as red?

velosews said...

Love the red shoes. Each outfit looks great on you too.
I really love the red shoes.

Unknown said...

This is a showcase of inspiration talent!

Nice work!

Bundana x

Anonymous said...

I love all the pops of red. Both in your clothes and on your blog. They seem so happy to me.


Day 12 is my favorite look of yours thus far! LOVE IT!

Marie said...

Oh I love day pretty and cool! Shame about the bleach mark :o(

Unknown said...

Gorgeous outfits, as always. Really love your new peplum top - it suits you perfectly (shame about the bleach spot...hope it's not too noticable!)!

Kate said...

Oh no!! Love the new outfit but hate the new bleach mark.

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