Monday, 21 May 2012

MMMay'12: Days 17, 18, 19 & 20

Day 17 me-mades:
Denim sailor trousers (Burda pattern)
Vest (camisole)
Pants (knickers)
Chillaxing during MMMay'12 here! It's important to have a little rest during a hectic month such as this.

Day 18 me-mades:
Black jersey top
Vest (camisole)
Pants (knickers)
Apologies for the rubbish photo. Patty has gone away so I must attempt my documentation photos solo.  The problem I find both at home and at my work is that photo positions with decent light have lots of unavoidable mess in the background, but places with relatively clear backgrounds (like above) have terrible light. What to do?

Day 19 me-mades:
Vest (camisole)
Pants (knickers)

Saturday was such a long day. I taught a 'Rework your Wardrobe' workshop, had a lovely lunch with a friend, then met another friend in the evening. This outfit seemed to stand up to the whole thing admirably. Yay for me-mades! They really do function as well as any shop bought item.

Day 20 me-mades:
As yet un-properly blogged navy cropped trousers
As yet un-properly blogged navy remade sweatshirt
Pants (knickers)
SUNSHINE!!!! Look, I've even got sunglasses on. Amazing.

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Unknown said...

Loving the new look on the blog! It goes without saying I love all your outfits, as ever! You Me Made ninja, you!

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