Friday 4 May 2012

MMMay'12: Days 1, 2, 3 & 4

I am incredibly excited to announce that this year's me-made/self-stitched challenge is the biggest one to date! More people have signed up to challenge themselves, more people have joined the flickr group and more people have got involved with the facebook group than any of the previous challenges I've organised. I interpret this to mean that not only have many past participants found it beneficial and enjoyable enough to decide to take part again, but their experiences have also encouraged new participants to give it a whirl for themselves.

So time to begin the documentation of my personal challenge:

Day 1 me-mades:
Denim sailor trousers (Burda pattern)
Remade sweatshirt (as yet unblogged)
Vest (camisole)
Pants (knickers)

All week this has been my outerwear/bag combo, my Winter coat (seriously, it's May, you'd think I'd be able to ditch the Winter clothing!) and a vintage fabric shoulder bag.

Day 2 me-mades:
Stripey and black dress
Vest (camisole)
Pants (knickers)
I also used one of my two weekly 'secondhand knitwear' vouchers!
Due to annoying laptop/memory card issues, my proper documentation picture was deleted so I'm afraid you'll have to make do with this reenactment

Day 3 me-mades:
Vest (camisole)
Pants (knickers)
I was feeling really rough with a busted back so a highly comfy outfit was called for.

Day 4 me-mades:
Vest (camisole)
Pants (knickers)
I'm also wearing some amazing wrist-warmer gloves made for me by my awesome friend Michelle. This outfit reminded me why, aside from the support and  interaction the participants provide, quite why these challenges are so good: I am forced to come up with new ways to wear my garments. I have LOVED wearing this outfit today. I would never have come up with it was I not deliberately trying to find new clothing combos, and yet I know that I'll rock this look many times in the future, even during non-challenge months. 


Stacy @ Stacyverb said...

Wow, I'm sorry your weather still warrants the need for it, but that coat is fabulous! I love the red buckle--a great little detail that really makes it YOU.

Anonymous said...

Oh, these outfits are all so cute! You have such great style!

Urban Rustic said...

I just love the coat!

snippa said...

Gorgeous outfits - inspirational. I think the challenge might get me making some more interesting every day clothes.

I also need a red door!

Marie said...

Fablous outfits Zo, you always look so frigging cool!!!

Debbie said...

Great outfits. And thanks so much for organizing MMM 2012, it's just what I need every now and then to make me appreciate the sewing I do!!

Amy said...

A great start to MMM! I've been enjoying myself so far. I think once a year really brings everyone together since they know this month is there only month to share something like this with the online sewing community.

Anonymous said...

MMMay'12 is such a cool idea--when I read about it the end of April, I thought, "Cool, I'm in." Then I realized in the past 3 years I have made 3 dog beds, a refashioned beret, a refashioned vest, a long sleeve shirt, and a pair of knit pants. It dawned on me I might be a little bare!

Next year!

Juliette Esper said...

I am raging my MMM2012 second week and I am just unable to take any pictured ((((( Still reporting on the outfits though. What a great idea!

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