Thursday, 24 May 2012

MMMay'12 Other People: Week 3

This is now totally my favourite part of MMMay'12, seeing my peops wearing the garment's I've made for them. So let's see how the third week of the Other People part of my MMMay'12 challenge shaped up...

Day 15 (Tuesday)

Not afraid to bust some nautical tones, my best mate Vic spent Day 15 in her navy sateen spotty skirt and accompanying red and white items. She would like it to be known that she has buttoned her cardi like this due to an unfortunate incident involving a can of diet coke. I think it looks ace buttoned that way.

Day 16 (Wednesday)

On Day 16 Mumma E was All Business. She was whizzing around London flitting here and there, seeing to her students and whatever else she had lined up, all the while making fine use of her grey wool and leather bag. Seeing as this bag, which I made for her for Christmas, has had some heavy use for about six months, it looks like it is wearing well. As long as it holds out until next Christmas, then I'll be pleased!

Day 17 (Thursday)

You have now already been introduced to Patty's second pair of fancy pants. I really love these pants, they are exactly the type I'd be looking for if I went shopping to get him some new undies. Apparently these are very comfortable, more so than the first pair whose elastic is needs replacing due to being too tight.

Day 18 (Friday)

On Day 18, Ms Friday (AKA Harriet) wore her ruffle front remade white T-shirt. She informed me that she wore it with some high waisted jeans, which sounds a phenomenally strong look IMO! I love how the pieces I make my friends and loved ones get absorbed into the rest of their wardrobes, how they take the Zo-made things and match them with their other items to make outfits that reflect their own unique style of dress. To me, that is the highest of compliments they could pay my work.

Day 19 (Saturday)

Unfortunately, due to a technical error I am only too familiar with myself, Vic's Saturday pic got deleted before it reached me, so this photo is actually from about three years ago! I remember because I'm pretty sure it was the from the trip she made to visit me when I live in Barcelona when I had just started going out with Pat. Anyways, it's this top, made from beautiful floral print chiffon which I decided was not for me almost as soon as I'd finished making it! Vic looks totally lovely in it.

Day 20 (Sunday)

With Patty up in the North all weekend helping celebrate his dad's 60th birthday, it was up to him to remember his 'day' and to wear the Zo-made shirt I knew he'd packed. I wasn't able to go because I was  teaching my 'Rework your Wardrobe' workshop in London on Saturday. But to his credit, when I texted him during the day to remind me, he was already wearing his shirt (the Rockabilly Bowling shirt) and had made sure he was photographed in it (see above, Patty with his folks and siblings).

Day 21 (Monday)

And last but not least for Week 3, Kirstin wore an awesome outfit which included a simplified Sencha blouse that has not previously been blogged about. This fabric is so great, I'm sorry you can't see it clearly. The print is tiny birds and branches. I made it for her birthday earlier this year, which ended up being very funny because EVERYONE who attended her sushi-based celebration gave her something with birds on it somewhere! I'm totally in love with her outfit in this picture. She has a great way of putting garments together.

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