Tuesday 8 June 2010

Summer Essentials: Revised

Ok, after the careful planning and laying down of my Summer Essentials 'to-sew' list, I've decided to scrap it. Well, not all of it but most of it. The decision came in an instant this afternoon. My afternoon class had to be scrapped because the rail line was randomly closed I'm assuming for maintenance (in the middle of the day in the middle of the week? Really?) so I took the opportunity to hit a merceria for supplies for my Rockabilly blouse project then wandered home. Now, I'm no meterological expert and I'm not sure of the standard units of measurements for these things, but I'd describe today as 'hella hot' and 'super sticky'. I was a sweaty mess when I got home, and the summer is only going to get more intense until I leave in August.

My initial Summer Essentials declaration of intent was based on the logical acknowledgement of the fact that my August will be spread across Europe and across a range of climates. But it's going to be a grim summer unless I get some hot-n-sticky weather friendly garments on the go to wear before 'Mission Repatriation' rolls around. So here is my revised list of essentials:
  • Rockabilly inspired top using New Look 6808 (that I first attempted for my Chinese Takeaway top) using a hideous synthetic '80s blouse I found on the street which is not too far from being finished (this remains from my initial list).
  • Tunic top from Cecili's Japanese Top Sew-along in some stash fabric and is currently in the pre-construction stage (this also remains from the initial list).
  • My African wax fabric Anda dress gets a lot of use in the hot weather because it's so little hassle to wear. I'm going to make another more mini version in the crazy pink fabric pictured below that was donated to me by my mate Anna.
  • I've only recently become aware of the concept of 'lounge wear', although I'm still not entirely sure what's the difference between that and 'stuff you sleep in'. Maybe it's more 'stuff you slob about in'? Either way, I'm beginning to feel a need for some little shorts to go with my self-made vests for the duel sleeping/slobby purposes. I reckon the super-cute Madeleine Mini Bloomers from Colette Patterns might be just the ticket.
  • More shorts! I've been wearing my two pairs of Ruby shorts almost non-stop recently, and another pair of shorts would be welcome in my wardrobe. I'm thinking high-waisted but I'll probably come to regret that decision after eating a big lunch whilst wearing them!
So there you have it (again). I'd still love to make the other top, red capris and jacket from my former list, and have the fabric and patterns for all of them, so maybe if there is time at the end. Right, I gots to get my sew on so I can look as cool as a cucumber, like the sewing lady pictured at the top!


Sølvi said...

Understandable decision, Zoe. I can recommend the shorts pattern I did for the sew-along, as it is high- waisted, but cleverly enough have adjustment possibilities in the waist because of the belt-strap- thingies (I have no idea of what they´re called in English) in the sides.

It´s pattern 120 from Burda June 2009.

bagqueen said...

Thanks for this list, I have also got the anda pattern as it looks really easy to make and very easy to wear. I have also earmarked the colette bloomers to be made soon but I'm not sure mine will ever be on view! I love hearing about other peoples plans.

Irene Bullock said...

Hi Zoe, I guess the rail line was closed not randomly but because a strike of public services (schools, hospitals, transport, etc) that was going on yesterday in the whole Spain.

The Anda dress in that fuchsia fabric is going to be gorgeous!

Roobeedoo said...

That zingy pink will be amazing as a mini dress! Looking forward to seeing your sewing. Mini bloomers? Um... maybe not in Scotland.

Zoe said...

Hi ladies, thanks for your ideas, thoughts and comments. Ah!Thanks Irene! My Spanish/Catalan wasn't up to interpreting the announcements at the station! xxx

Karin van D. said...

I see people sewing shorts online all over. And I love that. I haven't been wearing shorts since I became an adult, I think, but now I really, really want to make some.

Just like those bloomers, by the way. Those are so cute!

I look forward to admiring your finished garments!

Vonnie said...

I LOVE that fabric! Seriously, how cute is that?

Fourth Daughter said...

I LOVE that pink! It's going to look AMAZING on you. What is it with friends donating African wax fabric, my friend gave me some recently too! Not quite as bright as that though.. http://stylewilderness.blogspot.com/2010/05/its-not-my-birthday.html

Ali said...

Ha ha! Yes, this is what the sew-along is all about: surviving the heat.

I ditto the pink-fabric love. And I forgot about the Anda! Totally breezy to wear and I'd imagine to make. Hmmm, maybe I can fit it in there.

rotkappchen said...

hello zoe :D
i really love the fabric print!
it really pretty

im your new follower :D
have a nice day!

jessica said...

Zoe, you are too funny! Was totally cracking up through this post. The best of intentions and all ... but I love your revised list. Every time you mention New Look 6808 I keep eyeing it, which is not what I'm supposed to be doing!!! Can't wait to see your finished garments, and somehow I wouldn't be surprised if you finished up more than 5 before Project Repatriation rolls around ;-).

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