Thursday 17 June 2010

Question Time

I've been tagged by the lovely Tilly of Tilly and the Buttons to play a game of eight questions. As she wrote in her post, she chose me to answer them because I'm moving back to the UK soon and she'd like to know more about me before we arrange a blogger meet up, which kind of makes me feel like the likelihood of that blogger meet up is riding on my answers! Oh well, here goes:

1. What is your staple meal? (ie. what meal do you cook most often, when you can't be bothered to think of anything adventurous)

Tomato-ey pasta which could include almost anything in the cupboard/fridge but MUST involve onions.

2. What do you want to be when you grow up?

Funny this question came up as I’ve been putting a lot of (albeit abstract at this point) thought into this very matter seeing as I’m moving to UK in the very near future and employment of some description will have to be secured. This much I know: I’m a massive fan of working hours that are less and at different times than the norm and am happy to sacrifice a comfortable salary for this ability. I need to feel I am in some way in control of my schedule. I’d prefer to work all the hours under the sun as a waitress than 9-6 in an office. I cannot bring myself to work for a corporation or big company, no matter how much better the pay is likely to be. So, given those conclusions, at this precise point in time I guess I would like to write about sewing, self-sufficiency (and if that’s even achievable), questions of consumptions, etc. more seriously and maybe teach some sewing skills classes. This is subject to change!

3. What book are you reading at the moment (if any)?

Right now I am busy trying to read all the books I’ve borrowed from people in Spain before I have to give them back. I’m reading ‘Conversations with Hunter S. Thompson’ by various authors and I started ‘Dreams of my Father’ by Barak Obama on the train today.

4. How do you relax?

I don't consciously do anything to help relax as I have a pretty relaxed schedule at the moment so I think I'd feel a fraud if I did, although I might sleep better if I did. I guess the most relaxing activities I indulge in are sewing, reading (books and blogs), writing and wine.

5. What colour are the interior walls of your home?

Since leaving my folks’ gaff when I was 19, I have always lived in rented accommodation so haven’t had much say in interior decor to date, although I fantastise about it often. The two times I had the opportunity to paint my room I painted the walls red. I’m looking forward to doing that again sometime in the future.

6. What is your guiltiest pleasure?

Recently, I’ve been playing way too much Hearts on my laptop. Maybe it’s a form of relaxation, but whatever, I’d have a lot more sewing projects finished by now if I hadn’t discovered the Hearts function. Please, for the love of god, if you haven’t tried it, don’t! It might get you too!

Another guilty pleasure is swearing off buying vintage sewing patterns on eBay (, then falling off the wagon and buying a load more. If the seller only sends to the UK, I get them sent to my mum’s house, but if they send to Europe I get them sent here even if it’s more expensive so my mum doesn’t see them stockpiling up between my visits home when I can collect them! I guess my relocation to UK will mean my own conscious will be the only thing barring me from owning all the vintage patterns in the world!

Oh, and I guess eating lots of tasty things and drinking too much booze should go in the guilty pleasures bit too, as I almost always regret them the next day.

7. What time is bed time and getting up time?

For the last two years my ‘school’ day schedule has been midnight-ish for bedtime and 9-10am-ish for getting up. I have a really hard time getting to sleep (if at all) so it’s not quite the luxurious sleeping pattern that it may seem to some.

8. How long do you spend reading blogs (per day or per week)?

Same as the Hearts issue (see above), if I did less blog reading then more sewing would have got done by now, but I love it! Solely reading other people’s blogs, I’d say an hour a day. Including writing for my own and the Colette Patterns blogs, and checking out/commenting on Flickr groups and Burdastyle, then it’s pushing towards a figure I’d rather not admit.

Here's the bloggers, in no particular order, I will tag in turn who may or may not decide to play along (fingers crossed, no pressure, blah blah):

Cecili from Sewing and so on
Michelle from Naughty Little Epoch
EmilyKate from This is EmilyKate
Coralene from Fawn and Flower
Veronica Darling from Veronica Darling's Crafty Adventures
Jen from Grainline
Jessica from A Yen for Craft
Susannah from Cargo Cult Craft

The questions I would like to put to them are:

1. If you had to choose a famous person to be your new best friend, who would it be any why?
2. What proportion of your wardrobe is handmade?
3. Where would you live, if money, jobs and responsibilities were taken out of the equation?
4. Describe the weirdest or most horrendous place you’ve worked.
5. What is your favourite sewing technique or part of a garment to sew (eg, collars, piping, etc.)?
6. Which sewer out there do you envy the most?
7. Do you collect anything?
8. What’s your personal motto? (I stole that one from the Burdastyle featured members questions because it’s my favourite)

Because a post with no pictures is no post at all (I'm trying to make up personal mottos but I don't think that one's going to stick!), I've 'decorated' this post with paps of me in my Rockabilly tribute dress that I finally got to wear to a Burlesque night last week. Thank you for your time.


Anonymous said...

That dress is smokin'! Nice job!

Suddenly I want pasta with tomato sauce.

Gail said...

Loved getting to know you from this post. You look a real senorita in that dress. Totally gorgeous.

The Long & Winding Bobbin said...

Oh so hot! I agree with the selfish seamstress "smokin!"
You make a lovely little pin up :-D

frk.bustad said...

You look so hot in that dress! I have to say, you model it way better... Love your bangs also.

Anonymous said...

Reading your answers, I have to say: you are very, very likeable.

Keepup the nice blog work!


Tilly said...

YES - always start cooking any meal with an onion, and preferably follow with tinned tomatoes and pasta. This bodes well for the blogger meet up.

lenarrd said...

That dress is gorgeous! Pasta is always an excellent staple (says the part Italian...), I'm a bit of a fan of the old Lasagne...

Lily said...

I TOTALLY agree with you re not working for corporations and not working normal 9-5 hours. I also hate them. (Actually I hate working in general... which is why I've been avoiding it by being at uni for the past 10 years!)

quietandsmalladventures said...

oooh i love the tribute dress!!!

lexi said...

That dress looks so great! I live very far from you: can I copy? :)

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