Thursday 12 May 2016

Cabernet Cardigan: Round #2

After getting a taste of near-victory with my first attempt at the SBCC Patterns Cabernet cardigan, I was chomping at the bit to have another bash. Little time was wasted...


As I mentioned at the end of the Round #1 post, I already had an idea of what changes I'd need to make to improve the fit and proportions of this pattern for me. This time, I started off with the Small size, rather than the Medium. Next, I straightened the side seams like I did with my first version (and shortened the hem band to correspond with the subsequent change to the width). This time I remembered to lengthen to sleeves slightly, and finally I narrowed the button stand/neckband by 1cm. I was concerned that the slimmer neckband would create problems when applying the buttonholes, so I switched up the order of construction and made the buttonholes before stitching the neckband to the rest of the cardigan, instead of making them at the end. 


Last month I helped out at the Fabric Godmother open day, and for my troubles I was able to choose some fabric. I knew that this was going to be the arrangement in advance so I spent a long time gazing at their website making my choices ahead of time! All but one of my choices were therefore very sensible, and I was able to avoid getting wooed by some intensely pretty prints that wouldn't fill any of my current wardrobe gaps or help me on my way with my Spring/preggers sewing plans. I picked pieces that will blend well into the colour palette of my current clothing selection, plus can be made into garments that are suitable to be worn in multiple seasons. Phew!

I've actually bought and sewn this navy Ponte de Roma in the past, when my best friend commissioned me to make her a Bronte Top, so I knew just how lovely and soft it is. In fact, I'd say it's the nicest Ponte I've ever owned and sewn with, and I think it's the perfect biro-ink shade of dark blue. After multiple wearings, there has been a little pilling, but only what you'd expect from a well-loved item. 


I'm sooooo happy with this version! I'd say it's 95% there. The fit is much closer to what I was aiming for. My mid-pregnancy body is making this version look a bit frumpy still, but on the dress form I think you can get a better idea of the amount of volume there is now. I really like the slimmer button stand. I don't intend to wear this cardigan buttoned up (well, maybe just the top one to keep it together when it's worn underneath a coat), but I added the buttons and buttonholes to make it look like a 'normal' cardi! 


Pattern: PDF $12 (£8.37) from here. I've used it twice now so I'm counting my pattern cost as £4.20 for this project
Fabric: £14 per metre from here. I used 1.5m for this project so my fabric cost is £21
Buttons: £0. From stash and I doubt I bought them myself initially anyway
Total: £25.20

I'm so pleased with this cardigan, I have worn it almost every day since I completed it, therefore I'm happy with the cost. As soon as I use the pattern again, it'll work out cheaper still! 


eimear said...

its really lovely, a great layering piece and it looks brilliant with those stripes

Kathryn said...

woohoo! that's great Zoe! It looks really good and I do like the sound of that ponte.

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