Saturday, 7 May 2016

My Me-Made-May'16: Week 1

(fairy queen: Day 7)

Happy first week of MMMay'16 everyone! If you've been taking part, how have you found it so far? Any discoveries or lessons learnt? My challenge has been going well. I've surpassed by pledge by not wearing any secondhand knitwear (which I had allowed occasional use of in my pledge). However, putting on my borrowed, mass-produced maternity jeans and trousers each day somehow feels like a cheat, even though I feel it would be pointless and a waste to try making a bunch of maternity trousers for such a limited time when I already have all of these other pairs at my disposal. So I'll just have to get my head around that.

It's been really fun having Dolores involved this year too, although getting her to cooperate with the photos isn't always easy. I've been sharing daily documentation pics of her outfits only on Instagram as well, which has been more fun than trying to get awkward selfies of myself! 

Day 1

Sailboat raincoat later that day

Dolores's mum-mades:

Day 2:


Dolores's mum-mades:

Day 3

Long-sleeved knit top
Woodland stroll cape earlier that day

Dolores's mum-made:

Day 4:


Dolores's mum-mades:

Day 5:

(as yet unblogged) Navy cabernet cardigan
Woodland stroll cape later that day

Dolores's mum-made:

Day 6:


Dolores's mum-made:
Dear sweatshirt (but had got grubby and changed out of it by the time this pic was taken)

Day 7:

Bird print jersey top

Dolores's mum-made:


Caroline said...

A wonderful collection of me-made clothes and I love the addition of Dolores and the outfits you have lovingly made for her too.

Kathryn said...

Lovely photos of you & Dolores. One nice unexpected benefit I'm finding of MMMay is getting some good photos of me & my boy, looks like that's working for you too!
That's great you've surpassed your pledge - yay!
With this warmer weather I'm finding I need to make replacements for rtw & vintage woven fabric dresses & skirts. Last year I made a lot of Jersey which is great, but doesn't feel quite smart enough for work. Also I really need to get over my fear and make some trousers!

Mother of Reinvention said...

What lovely photos of your and Dolores. You both look so happy and believe me I know just how hard it is to take photos of a toddler. Actually thinking about it it doesn't really get much better. :) Looks like great weather down by you. Xx

Cut&Alter said...

I am new to Me Made May this year and I am loving it!! I don't have a wardrobe full of handmade but it has really made me see what I do have along with bags and accessories. I have really thought about what I wear and also what I want to make for myself, once I have finished some quilts for a Show in May! Thanks for hosting. You have a wonderful collection of hand made items and so lucky that Dolores is of an age where she will wear mama-made - mine are teetering on the edge!

vintagerockchick said...

I think this is the third time I've done MMM and its definitely getting easier. I would say half of my wardrobe is Me Made now, and increasing - no RTW purchases in 2015 at all, as per my resolution, and only a couple of things this year. My fabric stash, however, is another matter.
Plus, I'm getting better at making everyday clothes as opposed to fancy frocks.
I love the first photo of 'Fairy Dolores' - she made me smile as soon as I saw her! x

Janie said...

I'm enjoying seeing the photos of both you and Dolores.
I have "watched" memademay for the last 4 years and this is the first time I've participated. First so many kudos to the beautiful photos the sewing community shares. I hadn't realized how much skill it takes til trying it. I've had a big sewing light bulb go off too. I've been sewing for fun without too much regard to fit and postings photos has shown me I do need to learn some fitting skills. In order for me to wear the clothes I make they have to fit better.

Christals Creations said...

I was thinking how Annabelle has been in more Me Made this May than I have, I should be blogging about her not me. ;) Loving your round up of the week. :)

BLD in MT said...

Nice! I really like the addition of your little cutie-pie in this MMM round-up this year. I intended to take photos, but, somewhat predictably, forgot at least twice! Ooops!

Cherie said...

What a gorgeous little angel you have! Her smile is amazing, and those blue eyes and strawberry blonde hair make her dazzling! Your makes for her are so cute! Yours too, of course!

Unknown said...

Well done on your challenge, looking good both of you.

Sharon said...

It is so lovely seeing and your little one during MMM this year.

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