Friday, 1 March 2013

Refashion Friday: February's Rework Your Wardrobe Session

Today I wanted to show you a couple of the awesome refashions that occurred at the Rework Your Wardrobe session I taught at Super+Super HQ in Brighton earlier this month. Five lovely ladies came down one Sunday morning, each clutching a bag full of ill-fitting, broken or just plain dull garments that all needed some attention. 

One of the garments that required some attention was the T-shirt pictured above (however we forgot to take a 'before' shot!). It's owner Emma didn't have any fit issues with it, but seeing as some of her friends have the exact same top, we concocted to make it unique by turning it into a vest top. We did this by removing the sleeves and original neckline and finishing them with picot edged elastic applied using a three-step zigzag stitch. 

Claire brought along this vintage Laura Ashley dress she scored on Ebay that she loved but just simply didn't fit in the bodice. The deficit of fabric was too great for adding side panels or such, so we salvaged the lower half to retain a beautiful summery skirt instead. 

The women in attendance all finished between one and three refashions apiece at the session, the most common alteration being hemming to make skirts, trousers and dresses the required length for their owners. I don't think I was alone in declaring it a really fun three-hour session, and with everyone walking away with things they could now wear that previously they couldn't, it was most definitely successful. 

If you or someone you know is interested and able in popping along to one of my Rework Your Wardrobe sessions at Super+Super HQ, there is currently one place left at the Sunday 24th March session, plus a new after work slot has been added for Tuesday 16th April.

Happy refashioning one and all!


MrsC (Maryanne) said...

What a stunning idea, and how satisfying for everyone :)

Kestrel said...

That's a great way to rework a t-shirt and to salvage a great skirt. How inspiring - wish I lived a bit closer so I could come along!

Unknown said...

Love that you're doing these workshops!

Unknown said...

That skirt is so lovely! Go Claire!

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