Tuesday, 26 February 2013

My Free Sewing Patterns Results!

(image source: Scruffy Badger Time)

I really love seeing other people's versions of the same sewing patterns. Individual personalities have made their own decisions about fabric and notions, etc. and even thought the base pattern maybe the same, the outcomes are always unique. After all, isn't that why a lot of us choose to sew? So we don't end up at a party or walking down the street and bumping into other women wearing the exact same outfit? I know it's certainly one of my motivations.

(image source: Sarah Sewing

It was therefore particularly exciting for me when images started to sprout up on the internets of garments made using the free sewing patterns that I drafted and released for download. So in case you were thinking of downloading them, or have downloaded them but not got round to giving them a whirl, take a look at these pics for inspiration!

Lovely blog reader Ashley from Orlando, Florida sent me some pics of the colourful array of undies she's made using my pattern as a base (see above). She says:

"Some of them are made from old shirts I've refashioned and some are made from the scraps of my sewing projects that use knit fabric. I can almost always squeeze a pair of undies out of the scraps if I'm creative with my cutting. What I love most is that, as a runner, I have a weird (apparently) waist to leg ratio so all the undies I buy are either too baggy in the waist/butt or too tight around the legs. My homemade undies allow me to make the legs looser and get a perfect fit. I had to make a few adjustments since I don't have a serger (wishlist!) but they still work great on my simple machine!"

I make me so happy that Ashley can not only use the pattern to create really useful items from the scraps of jersey she otherwise might have thrown away, but also that she's been able to adjust the pattern to suit her athletic shape and make well fitting undies where mass-produced undie-makers have failed!

(image source: Karen from Did You Make That?)

I guess it shows how little exercise I do, but it surprised me to see quite a few sewers making the vest/camisole/singlet pattern for sporting purposes! But for whatever use they are intended, I think all the versions have come out fantastically and look like such useful, wearable every-day type items. 

Source: fehrtrade.com via Zoe on Pinterest

(image source: Melissa from Fehr Trade)


If you have made either of the free patterns I have released and wouldn't mind sharing your undies with me and/or the internets, PLEASE send me a picture or a link to a post including them! Thanks heaps and happy undie-making! 


Kathy {Kathy Sews} said...

I didn't realize you had these patterns! I have been on a lingerie kick recently and now that I see these 2 patterns... I will be making them asap!

Far said...

Me neither, i must have missed out on your post on them :) definitely will try them out one of these days! Congrats!

katherine h said...

You really have inspired people!

I made a version of your knickers recently, and added a top band, which gave them a really luxe vibe.


So thanks for the patterns!!

Unknown said...

Hi Zo, I love both patterns and have been sewing undies like crazy! Thanks!

You can find my posts here:




Sewing by Shirley said...

I made one of my daughter's a camisole using your pattern as a how-to guide! She likes it so much better than the store bought kind. There isn't many options out there for little girls. I made one to wear underneath a peasant top that I also made for her. Thank you!

MariaDenmark said...

I've made the vest pattern. Thank you - it's a great pattern. I decided on sizing my comparing it to a vest I liked that was using the same type of fabric.I blogged about it here: http://blog.mariadenmark.com/?p=1710 (I can send you a photo if you like)

The Long & Winding Bobbin said...

wowser!That must be like watching your children grow up or something... if your children were made of fabric. hmmm
I can't wait to try it myself!

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