Saturday, 27 February 2010

Just in (bed) time

So my self-imposed Me-Made-March challenge (to only wear clothes I have made myself throughout March) starts on Monday! If I am to not fail on the very first night, self-made pyjamas were something of a priority. Last year I made the Burdastyle Jane pyjamas, but the weather is still way too cold for them. So this week I traced an existing pair of pj bottoms and whipped up these:

'Hmm, there's something familiar about those', you may be thinking. Well aren't you observant today?! They did indeed exist in a previous incarnation as this Anda dress, which I eventually accepted looked pretty stupid so it got unpicked. Seeing as the fabric was initially a charity-shopped bedsheet, it seems somehow fitting that they become sleepwear in the end!

As for the rest of my sleepy-time get-up, the vest was the triumph I blogged about here and the T-shirt was my attempt at the Burdastyle Lydia pattern. I hated the fit of this T-shirt on me (however, there appears to have been many successes on Burdastyle using this pattern) and couldn't work out how to alter it, so I marked it up as a 'learning experience' in how to work with stretch fabric and put a pause on my explorations into the world of stretch. Then the Sew U: Home Stretch book came into my life and I put the Lydia 'incident' behind me (The Lydia Incident would make a great book title wouldn't it?!). I rediscovered the garment whilst clearing out my stash ready for bustin' and it was in line to be turned into pants but last week I realised it will suffice as sleepwear. Phew, pyjama-centric panic over! Or is it? I haven't worked out what I'll do when this set needs a wash. Can I be bothered to repeat and make another set? Clearly this question will now be at the forefront of world-wide discussion, but I'll let you have the scoop here first when I have an answer!

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Amy said...

They're adorable, I lurve that sheet you've used! Very dedicated of you to make nightwear for the challenge too :D

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