Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Fabric Swap: Alteration Announcement!

Hi lovely potential fabric swappers! I have an announcement regarding the set-up of the International Fabric Swap. I've decided to make each piece of fabric up for grabs for ONE WEEK, rather than a day. So the beautiful fabric/ribbon combo offered up yesterday will be available until midnight Sunday 28th.

Basically I think I over-estimated the momentum this beta-swap could attain. I got too excited and have realised it needs to run slower to give people the chance to become aware of it and participate. Sorry for the confusion folks!

If you would like to give this fabric a home, then you can enter by emailing me at with your name, email address, postal address, a picture of the piece of stash fabric you are offering up and a short description of that fabric (width and length of fabric and fibre content if known will suffice). Mark the subject of your email 'FABRIC SWAP 2'. I'll select a recipient at midnight Sunday using a random number generator and inform them Monday morning, and post the next piece of fabric.

I really want this fabric swap to work as I think it'll be a lot of fun for many people, as well as helping people get fabric that inspires them and weeding out the not so inspirational pieces from their stash. If you are interested in getting it off the ground, please show your support!


Minnado said...

Firstly, you are doing a great job here, girl! Secondly sorry, I sent two emails cos I forgot the postal address in the first one. Sorry for clogging up your inbox.

lenarrd said...

I love this kind of detailing, great tip!

I know you've been nominated before, but I nominated you for the Kreativ blogger award :)

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