Sunday 27 May 2018

My Me-Made-May'18: Week 4

Now that we're down to the business end of the challenge, finding unique garment combos (as per my pledge) is definitely getting trickier. I've tried a few combos that I had to change out of because they weren't working, however I reckon I can still mine some gold out of my wardrobe to take me through to the end of this month. So, in Week 4 I wore...

Day 21: 

Day 22: 
Green Suzon blouse

Day 23: 

Day 24: 
La Trop Facile jacket (not shown, when I went outside)

Day 25: 

Day 26: 

Day 27: 
Black swiss dot Scout tee (unblogged but same mods as this version)

This week's takeaways:
  • My stretch faux-denim skirt has got to go. I tried altering the waistline in the hopes that it would sit better, but I've come to accept that it just doesn't work on my shape anymore. 
  • I should finally make a bloody backpack, as I've been saying I will for the last three years. 
  • Would it hurt to spend more than zero seconds on my hairstyle each morning?

I hope your challenge is going well, if you're participating this year. Don't forget, if you've discovered some holes in your wardrobe and are making plans to fill them, there are a heap of amazing businesses offering discount codes to participants up until 31st May! 


Anonymous said...

I like reading your blog and appreciate all your sewing advice, but your anti-Hillary ads by AdBlade make me feel sad. The election is over, so why are they still up? Is it really worth the few pennies you make off them to spread that kind of hate?

CosmicCaro said...

I suggest going for a bang again! I lovedit when I had my bang because I think it looks put together even when I just tied my hair in a pony tail... Like secret pyjama as a hair cut ;)

(I grew my Betty page bang when I got a corporate job, but I miss it a bit... I think I will cut it again after my summer vacation...)

Zoe said...

@Anonymous, I don;t make any money from these ads, they are an annoying but unavoidable part of having a site hosted on a free platform like blogger. Believe me, I am as pro-Hilary as they come, but I have no way of either choosing or blocking the ads that pop up

Lodi said...

Thanks so much for MMM ZOE!!!
So tell me. Is there no hairdresser anywhere in MMM land? I could use a bit of advice too. (How to do hair in, say, 5 minutes?) I just want to look like I did NOT just walk out of Piggly Wiggly in my pyjamas! Lol

Kylie H said...

Gold stars for Day 26 and matching mini outfit!! Sparkles + snakes is always a fab outfit recipe :) and I love the new green blouse.
5 minutes for hair is always going to be a hat or a ponytail. I have accepted that the "no styling required" haircut is like a pink unicorn.

BLD in MT said...

Your hair looks just as cute and casual as you seem to be! :)

I'm so bummed to not participate this year. I really need to get my sewing and blogging act together....

Good work, as always though. I enjoyed your reflections and swooned over many a garment.

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