Sunday, 20 May 2018

My Me-Made-May'18: Week 3

The third week of MMMay is pretty much over, so it's time to share my less than impressive selfie skillz which have been deployed to document my challenge. A load of these I couldn't be bothered to put on Instagram so they haven't been edited at all. Why not play a fun game with yourself and try to guess which ones those are? 

Day 15:

Day 16:
Unblogged Scout tee

Day 17:
Mariner T-shirt (6.5 years old!)

Day 18:

Day 19:
(I must admit that I didn't wear this outfit all day, it was a bad choice for both the weather and the activities we had planned. But I did change into more me-mades, promise)

Day 20:

This week's revelations:
  • I was starting to wonder if my personal style was veering away from tight knit tops (of which I have a number), but I've realised how useful and comfortable they are for wearing under bibbed garments, like my Milas and my Cleo. I don't have any more tight tops planned because I probably have enough at the moment, but I do have at least one new bibbed garment on the  'things to make' list.
  • My black ponte skirt seems to look a bit too smart and work wear-ish for my currently very casual lifestyle. 
  • I wish I'd made my Cleo pinafore in a denim with some stretch content, and the longer version probably would have seen more use than this one does. 
  • This week I was a good girl and reworked two of my knit skirts that weren't fitting well by lowering the waistline, but I now see that I also need to work on my Mila dungarees some more, and my beloved 1960's Breton top. Pennies in heaven...

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