Monday, 14 May 2018

My Me-Made-May'18: Week 2

The second week of Me-Made-May has passed us by, and I must admit that I haven't had to work hard at all to create new outfit combos yet. During week 2, my main challenge was trying to dress suitably for the fluctuating weather. Next week I'll work a bit harder to bring in some of my older garments, and hopefully find renewed potential in them. Anyways, here's what I've been wearing:

Day 8:

Day 9:
(mustard Kinder cardigan also worn when it was chilly)

Day 10:
Mustard Kinder cardigan (as yet unblogged)

Day 11:
(La Trop Facile jacket also worn when outside)

Day 12:
(Cocoon coat also worn because the weather has gone mental)

Day 13:
Mustard Kinder cardigan (as yet unblogged)

Day 14:
(La Trop Facile jacket also worn when outside)

This week's takeaways:
  • Still lamenting my lack of lined jacket.
  • After altering the length of the straps (again), I've fully embraced my Mila dungarees as the jeans alternative I always hoped they would be.
  • My denim Tova top should not be worn outside in public again, it's too ropey and stained now (sniff). It's been put aside for when I eventually get an allotment. 
  • I need to sort my hair out.

How are you getting on with your own MMMay challenge?  Is it starting to get tricky to fulfil your pledge? Has your wardrobe surprised you in any way?! 


Unknown said...

I feel your pain - MMM 18 has obliged me to sideline a beloved pair of jeans (not fit for public consumption), wonder whether jeans and t-shirts are ALWAYS appropriate and (possibly) book a haircut. Making my clothes is now the easy bit.

Jane said...

I wonder if May/June sees an explosion of sewists going to the hairdresser? I've been feeling the same, ha! Also, one of the things I'm liking about MMM this time is seeing other people admitting to wearing the same favourite/old faithful garments many days a week. It's great to demonstrate how me-mades can be so practical and well-loved. Thanks, Zo, for starting and continuing MMM!

Lodi said...

A new denim To a top?

Ronja said...

You look cute! I feel you on the hair though. My 2 month old thinks I look fine, but being a bit more polished would be nice

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