Monday, 7 May 2018

My Me-Made-May'18: Week 1

So the first week of (Me-Made-) May is under our belts, and I've had no problems so far sticking to my pledge of wearing me-mades in different combinations. But this end of the month was never going to be where the real challenge lay! What has been tricky has been adapting to crazy swings in weather this week. From really chilly with pouring rain, to roasting hot. At least it's giving me a chance to bust out a range of me-mades! Here's what I wore:

Day 1 Me-Mades:
Cocoon coat (not worn in photo)

Day 2 Me-Mades:
Cocoon coat (not worn in photo)

Day 3 Me-Mades:
Cocoon coat (not worn in photo)

Day 4 Me-Mades:
La Trop Facile jacket (not worn in photo)

Day 5 Me-Mades:

 Day 6 Me-Mades:
Black Scout tee (never blogged but the same pattern mods as this one)
(Extra points because Dolores is wearing mum-made dress, hat and pants, and Frankie is wearing mum-made shorts. And I am wearing Frankie and I made him.)

 Day 7 Me-Mades:
(Later changed out of the shorts and into my anchor Luna pants, and added a cardi that is as yet unblogged)

Early takeaways:
  • I've put on weight round my middle since last year. It is not surprising because I was breastfeeding frequently this time last year, but it's still annoying. I have a few knit pencil skirts (including the denim one I wore on day 3) that really don't look or feel good at the moment. I'm going to give it a couple of months of joggings and laying off the bread and magnums, and if it's still not happening then they're going to get donated. The sweet shorts are also tight, but I'm pretending they're fine because of all the work that went into them. 
  • A lined jacket would be useful. I've got nothing in between my cocoon coat and my unlined jacket and cardigans, so I've found myself doing some awkward layering to do with inbetween tempertaures. 
If you are taking part in #MMMay18, I hope you're having a great time! What early lessons have you learnt so far? 


Mother of Reinvention said...

Bah, what is life without bread and Magnums? You look fantastic and have such lovely chic clothes for this week. I really love your mustard cardi and those fabulous Luna pants. The family look great. They are growing so much. Xx

Maria said...

Haha "I´m wearing Frankie and I made him" really made me laugh. I think this absolutely gives extra points for Me-Made-May. Also, you look lovely.

Caroline said...

A great start to MMM Zoe with a fab variety of patterns, fabrics, and silhouettes.

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