Sunday, 3 June 2012

MMMay'12 Other People: Weeks 4 & 5

This is an epic final instalment to the 'Other People' section of the recently completed MMMay'12 challenge.

Day 22 (Tuesday)

Vic took her mum on holiday to Bath, had a lovely time, wore her new Zo-made Peter Pan collar shell top and found a traid donation bank! Good work on all fronts, Vic.

Day 23 (Wednesday)

My mum wore a beige wool skirt that I made her soooooo long ago. I had totally forgotten about until she emailed me this picture. I made it before I understood about linings and she had to line it herself! Sorry Mum! Apparently the weather was way too warm for this outfit, but I'm so glad she wore it because I may never have been reminded of that beige skirt.

Day 24 (Thursday)

One of my hopes for this part of the MMMay'12 challenge is that my peops who I make garms for become more comfortable in them than they may have felt before.  Pat has been wearing his Book Launch shirt quite a bit this month. I love it when he does because it really makes his blue eyes look ultra blue. I hope he feels more comfortable in it now he's been made to wear it so often!

Day 25 (Friday)

On Day 25, Harriet wore the curved waistband skirt that I made her for the October instalment of our Poetry & Clothing project. Apparently she wore it with a yellow and white checked blouse and looked quite the school marm!

Day 26 (Saturday)

Saturday was quite a busy day for Vic, not least in terms of wearing Zo-made clothing! She started the day wearing the floral chiffon top. Then when she came home she changed into her 'Ok' denim skirt and a vest because it was super hot. And finally she went to bed in Zo-made turquoise and red Summer jam jams. Phew, what a day! 

Day 27 (Sunday)

Not much to say other than Patty wore these pants! But of course you'll have to take our word for that. 

Day 28 (Monday)

This pic is so hilarious! Kirstin wore some denim high waisted shorts I made for her a couple of months ago. She also wore a blouse made by her talented friend Amy and a wooden 'hello' necklace by Rock Cakes. Don't forget you can win your very own 'hello' necklace AND a pinup Betty badge made by this very lady in my giveaway here

Day 29 (Tuesday)

Vic is pulling out all the stops for her final days contribution to MMMay'12. She wore a stripey wool skirt and gathered sleeve head T-shirt and looked generally lovely. She was such an awesome contributor to this part of my challenge, always handing her 'home-work' in on time and giving me text updates about what she was wearing. 

Day 30 (Wednesday)

She wears skirts well, does my mum! On Day 30 she wore a front flap skirt that she commissioned me to make. The pattern is from a Burda magazine and she bought the fabric herself for me to use. Mumma has been awesome this month, diligently photographing and emailing me her photos in a most punctual manner!

Day 31 (Thursday)

The final day of MMMay'12. Pat wore both his Brokeback Balcony shirt and what are fast becoming his favourite pants (I may have interpreted that last bit).

I really want to thank my beloveds for taking part in MMMay'12 this year. It has made it utterly special and I feel so elated and proud at the sight of them in the garments I've made. So thank you Kirstin, Vic, Mum, Harriet and Patty. You are all absolutely wonderful (and amazing models!). 


Crab and Bee said...

I think it's just astounding to see how many garments you've made for the people in your life! How lucky they are. You are inspiring me to sew for other people besides my husband but you make it look doable. :)

Mrs.Bao 包 said...

what a fun and interesting project! I'm a bit sad though that I just found it :/ When is the next Me-Made-Month coming up??? :)


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