Sunday, 24 June 2012

Me-Made-Outfit of The Week

So each Sunday I'm going to share a photo of my favourite me-made outfit of the previous week, like I did last Sunday whilst announcing the new Me-Made-Living flickr group. The reason I want to do this is kind of two-fold. I want to remind people that me-mades are for life, not just Me-Made-May! Plus I want to keep pushing myself to try new combinations of self-stitched items to get the most from my creations and not to just always rely on the same tried and tested combinations. I figured lots of new combinations from the last Me-Made-May '12 challenge as well as how to bring in some of my newer and previously unused creations, I don't want to go back to resting my on laurels. I will also briefly reflect on what worked, so hopefully I will actually learn to put outfits together more successfully for my everyday life.

Denim sailor trousers (Burda pattern)
Pants (knickers)
Vest (camisole)

This outfit, although not particularly innovative or revelatory, was a success because I wore it all day to work, then to head home quickly to stuff my face with dinner, then stomp across town to a swing dance class, then for a cheeky post-class half of cider, and them back home again. I was pretty exhausted by the end of the day but at no point do I think I felt uncomfortable in my clothing.


No Regrets, Inc. said...

Cute, Zoe! And hand-made undies, too!

charlotte said...

I'm loving this me me made living! Love the blouse too.

Christine said...

Really cute! I'm also trying to incorporate more handmade stuff into my daily wardrobe; it's so easy to pass over my me-made things in favor of my ready-to-wear staples, but I'm trying to work on it.

PatF said...

I love your style!
It's so encouraging to hear that Brighton have created a post like yours.
I'm a bit older than you, but in my youth I made similar clothes.
How are you getting your ideas across, other than this blog?

Len said...

Fabulous! Also love that you went swing dancing - it's such fun isn't it?

Unknown said...

Zoe, you look just lovely!

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