Sunday 17 June 2012

New Flickr Group: Me-Made-Living

I'm very excited to announce the creation of a new flickr group called Me-Made-Living. Towards the end of the recent Me-Made-May '12 challenge, some of the members of the MMM'12 flickr group mentioned that they would be sad to loose the interaction and support that had developed during May in the group. If the peops are making requests, I'm listening! So here's a new group where people who create their own clothing and/or accessories can hang in-between me-made/self-stitched challenges.

Like the Me-Made and Self-Stitched flickr groups, this new group is a place to share the documentation of outfits/garments that you've worn that consist of or include self-made stuff. Like the other groups, this is for things that actually get worn in real life, and NOT a place to simply show off your latest creation. This group is a place to see how other members are rocking their self-made things, to get inspiration and discuss relevant topics.

Unlike the Me-made ad Self-Stitched flickr groups that have gone before, no 'signing up' to any pledge is required. You can join the group with more ease, no-one needs to accept your membership. It's totally up to you how often or infrequently you participate and share your photos. If you have been/are  interested in getting involved in the me-made/self-stitched challenges but have yet to feel you have enough self-made or refashion things to commit to a whole month, this group could be just the ticket to start sharing the outfits you put together which include a handmade item and get involved in the me-made community. Remember: Me-Made's are for LIFE, NOT just for MMMay or SSSeptember!!!!!

Personally, I plan to share one photo a week on the new group and also on this blog. I want to continue to work out new wearable combos of my self-created garments and I'll share my favourite/most-success of the week, each week.

This week my favourite outfit has been this one: 

Red short sleeved remade sweatshirt (shown in MMMay'12 posts but not yet properly blogged)
Pants (knickers)
Vest (camisole)

This wholly me-made outfit may not look like I've embarked away from previous combinations, but i assure you it's a new one. I've never worn this short-sleeved sweatshirt without a long-sleeved T-shirt underneath and I was worried I'd get cold. But it was actually fine and very comfy. This jacket has really started to be something I rely on. It fills a certain role when the weather is fairly warm but changeable. It's quite light so if I take it out and it's not needed, it fits in my bag without being too hefty. 

Hope to see you over at the new Me-Made-Living flickr group!


Gail said...

This is such a fantastic idea! Thanks for starting the group, Zoe!

Unknown said...

That Captain's Jacket looks great on you, love the braid! And what a great idea, a group for every day, I bet there's loads of inspiring makes that'll pop up, shall have to keep my eye out!

Sølvi said...

Hurrah! It´s here! I´m so excited! Thanks for setting it up! Alright. That is enough exclamation marks for one comment…

Sigrid said...

Great idea. I have a hard time taking a picture every day of a month, and I end up feeling that my wardrobe is a bit skimpy in comparison to other peeps, but I do try to wear outfits of all me-made articles throughout the year. This will be a good incentive to document some of them.

Roisin Muldoon said...

Excellent stuff, Zo! I love this - and I have been finding since participating in my first MMM this year, that I've wanted to wear my handmade stuff more often, and I think that's because of the ace community feeling. I'll definitely be participating in this too.

Crab and Bee said...

Exciting! I'm in!

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