Friday 28 May 2010

Me-Made-May: Days 25, 26 & 27

Is it wierd that I'm mourning the passing of Me-Made-May whilst it's still running? It's just that I've been enjoying it so much, with all the other lovely, talented, funny and creative Me-Made-Mayers 'playing' along. Seeing the fruits of everyones sewing machines and needles in real-life outfits has obviously been great, but the opportunity to discuss the myriad of issues and topics surrounding handmade clothing and DIY and reading everyone's unique opinions has been invalueable for me. For example, just this very morning, I read Jessica's awesome and thought provoking post about the diffusion and proliferation of (crafting) trends, and I have Me-Made-May to thank for exposing me to her blog. See what I'm sayin'?

Day 25:

Me-made African wax fabric Anda dress and pants. When I made my me-made wardrobe inventory I didn't even include this dress, it was tucked away in storage. But arriving back after our weekend away, it really felt like we were coming back to summer, an entirely different season from the torential rain we had just a couple of weeks ago. This dress is the easiest garment to wear, not even any pesky fastenings to slow down proceedings. Also accomodates any (croissant-related) weight fluctuations!

Day 26:

Me-made sailor trousers, cotton top and pants. Similarly, this top escaped the inventory for the same reason: I wasn't expecting May to be hot enough to wear it. Funny how tights, my leopard coat and my jumper were deployed at the beginning of the month, now it's all about cranking out the opposite end of my wardrobe spectrum (not sure the season quite warrants me in shorts yet though).

Day 27:

Me-made Beignet skirt, nautical blouse, vest and pants (the nautical set, in case you were wondering). Oh, and my jacket got a look in due to the excessively air conditioned train ride home. Check out this photo I accidentally took inside my bag! (no editing, aside from an image resize):


Sunni said...

I love that zebra dress! Your Me-Made-May has turned out to be so fabulous to watch! I love how you've been wearing your handmade creations!

Sunni said...

Sorry I meant the African Wax Dress.

Stacy said...

What a great accidental photo!

Tasia said...

It's the opposite here, I expected May to be much warmer!
Love your printed dress and of course the lovely red Beignet skirt. You rock the nautical vibe so well!

jessica said...

Thanks for the mention :-), although I must say that Me Made May has been a superb muse for all my philosophical thoughts. That, and fantastic comments from you and other crafters! I hope we keep the dialogue going after this month is up (well, I'm sure we will, and maybe we'll just keep it going until it spreads to others as well.)

Love that in-bag shot, and I love that you have both a core set of separates that mix-and-match with each other quite well [your nautical theme is so chic and brilliant!], as well as really fun pieces that stand out all on their own and mix it up in your wardrobe. That's something I'm slowly aiming for.

Rohini said...

Love the third outfit! Tres adorable. :)

Cecili said...

Hey Zoe, how are you? This wax dress and this cotton top are fantastic! About the Japanese top sew-along, I like this design: What do you think, would you like to sew this one or maybe you prefer another one? Please do tell :)

Gail said...

do you have any clothes that I don't like?

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