Thursday 13 May 2010

At Colette Patterns: 'Piping'

I wouldn't recommend typing 'piping' into a google image search. You get a lot of plumbing diagrams. But if you temper 'piping' with an additional 'blouse', 'dress', 'sewing' etc, you will find many beautiful things that, if your reactions are anything like mine, may make you swoon. What is it about piping that is so appealing to many? I really can't say. All I know is that its presence makes a decent garment into a special one.

Of course, piping can take many forms and can be applied in a myriad of ways. This is an element of it that I find particularly exciting: there is no official prescription. Personally, I prefer contrast piping that really makes a garment pop. Want to read more or my fixated waffle on the subject or just to look at the pretty pictures I harvested? Head over to my post on the Colette Patterns blog this week.

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